NVIDIA business drivers in professional graphics

$1.3 billion in revenues is a record quarter for NVIDIA.  The results blew past their guidance and the stock price jumped over 15%. The dark clouds over the quarterly announcement were the year-on-year drops for the Quadro, Tesla, and GRID business. Why is there a silver lining?

The Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840M: professional 4K display

Engineers and designers want more pixels just as much as graphics artists and video production professionals need them. The Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840M delivers 4K resolutions with a quality image and a good price. 

Dell's new Precision family

Dell releases a major update to the Precision workstation line-up. The big news : new mobile workstation models from top-to-bottom. They are slimmer, lighter, more powerful, and... the new models will bring mobile Intel Xeon CPUs to the market.

These Lenovo laptops contain Intel’s most powerful chips yet

Loaded with a Xeon processor and up to 64GB of RAM, Lenovo has beefed up its workstation laptops

Nvidia Announces Quadro M5000, M4000 Maxwell-based Pro Graphics Cards At Siggraph

On the heels of its introduction of the Quadro M6000 at NAB in April, at Siggraph, Nvidia announced the release of two more Maxwell-architecture-based Quadro professional graphics cards, the Quadro M5000 and Quadro M4000.


How to chose your PDM system - Tech-Clarity brings you a buyers guide

How do you ensure that your PDM (Product Data Management) system fits the needs of your team? You need to examine issues like functionality, installation and configuration, user adoption, training, support, PDM vendors, as well as the special needs of your company. A good buyers guide is an invaluable tool.

Dassault or Siemens PLM? The Contrasting Paths of Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo Cars

What is the best path to a modern PLM solution for automakers? This question demands more than a simple answer. The best path is a matter of optimizing what you've got in combination with the new solutions you need. The same path may not be best for all car companies.

PTC Charges into the Cloud with SaaS PLM

In early 2006, PTC tested the SaaS waters with Windchill ProjectLink and Windchill PDMLink as on-demand solutions, hosted on IBM hardware. The conclusion was that market demand was lukewarm at best. So the company left the on-demand segment primarily in the care of partners like NetIDEAS. Last year, however, PTC must have looked around and saw the SaaS market sizzling. It went out and bought NetIDEAS, laying the groundwork for this week’s announcement.

Siemens team up with Ben Ainslie Racing to launch innovation partnership

From the UK, Siemens is providing cutting edge product lifecycle management (PLM) software products and, through our solution partner Majenta PLM, professional services.  The PLM environment will enable the world class engineering team to create, manage and share the innovative designs relating to the boat design and build. The partnership will last for a minimum of three years and will support the 50,000 hours of research and development of the 22 strong design team.

Digitalization Highlighted at 2015 Siemens PLM Connection

Siemens PLM Software is leading this new frontier of merging virtual and real product development and production automation.