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Autodesk and Artec Get Real With Reality Capture

CAD modeling has become standard operating procedure in the design process, but there are still plenty of times when a physical object lacking a 3D representation should be included in the digital record, but isn’t, simply because it requires too much work.

GRAITEC becomes Autodesk European Platinum VAR

GRAITEC, an international software developer of BIM, CAD and structural analysis solutions across the AEC and Manufacturing marketplaces is pleased to announce the signing of a Multiple Legal Entity agreement with Autodesk. This agreement allows Graitec to operate as an Autodesk VAR in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania with Platinum status.

‘Trimble Connected’—Bacus Discusses SketchUp 2015 and Growing Trimble Roles

In this special feature interview, John Bacus of Trimble’s SketchUp division talks to Architosh about the latest SketchUp 2015—the second release of the product in one year—and helps put the product into the larger Trimble context–particularly Trimble Connect.

Mac 3D News: Siemens releases new Parasolid v27.1 geometry modeling kernel

Siemens PLM Software has updated the geometry modeling kernel known as Parasolid to version 27.1, adding numerous enhancements which will aid delivery of key feature improvements to CAD application developers.



PTC Live Stuttgart 2014 : the manufacturing industry's rendez-vous for transformation

It's November. Time for the annual manufacturing industry gathering in Stuttgart. PTC defines itself as the products and services company. In reality, they have a vision of how manufacturing is being transformed worldwide and they are putting their energy behind products which help their customers navigate the waves as the competitive landscape changes.

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Tulane Accelerates Discovery with Hybrid Supercomputer

The rich culture and distinctive charm of the city of New Orleans served as the backdrop for this year’s annual Supercomputing Conference (SC14). If you haven’t been before, residents of the Big Easy will urge you to visit the uptown campus of Tulane University. Renowned for its beautiful trees and landscaping, the university is also a prominent research facility with TOP500-level computing prowess.

OpenCL delivers simulation performance for Nastran and Abaqus

More CAE applications are supporting GPU computing. Siemens and Dassault Systemes use OpenCL to optimize simulation problems and deliver higher performance.

AMD's FirePro W8100 delivers performance for CAD, visualization, and simulation

When designers need high-performance CAD graphics then they usually need a lot more – amazing rendering performance and fast simulations. The the AMD FirePro W8100 delivers all that  in a single product.

AMD's FirePro W4100 : the best graphics for your small form-factor CAD workstation

When AMD introduced the 2014 FirePro product line, they added the FirePro W4100 in between the mid-range W5100 and the entry-level W2100. CADplace takes a look at the price/performance of the FirePro W4100 to see how it measures up.

Workstation market remains solid in third quarter

New report from Jon Peddie Research shows 4.7% gain from 3Q13.

Dell Precision Tower 5810: CAD power in a next-generation Intel Xeon and AMD FirePro workstation

With the introduction of the 3rd generation Intel Xeon CPUs, the 58-hundred model delivers fast, E5 processors from quad-core up to 14 cores. Combined with fast graphics, this system is a flexible choice for the engineering desktop which can be optimized for 3D CAD and modeling or CAE simulation and rendering.

HP Inc. Unveils ‘Game Changing' Multi-Jet 3D Printer And Sprout 3D Workstation

HP Inc., the PC and printer company that will be created by the division of Hewlett-Packard into two separating operating units, made an informal debut Wednesday and left little doubt that it will bet much of its future on 3D printing--a revolutionary manufacturing method that promises to transform numerous industries but is currently impractical for large-scale production. HP Inc. is bent on changing that.

The Dell Precision M2800 mobile workstation with AMD FirePro graphics

The Dell Precision M2800 is a new, entry-level professional mobile workstation. It offers professional AMD graphics, software certifications, an HD display, up to 16 GB of memory and 1 TB of storage. I'll take a look at the newest addition to this product line to see why the Precision M2800 might be the right 15 inch mobile workstation for you.

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