3D Print

3D Print

3D printing isn't new, but applying the technology to new applications has exploded as the technology continues to advance. 3D printing is an important, if not essential, tool in design and engineering.

Direct monitoring for 3D printing builds

EOS in Germany has teamed up with a German partner to monitor quality during the build process which reduces production risks and improves quality processes.

Attractive metal 3D printing : EOS M 100

At Formnext 2015 EOS presented the new EOS M 100 3D printer. It enables customers to enter into direct metal 3D printing with an affordable investment.

Generative designs and 3D printing

Combining new CAD design algorithms with advances in 3D printing create unique, strong, light-weight designs.

Stratasys grows DDM

Last year, the 3D printing experts signaled an increase in their business for end-part production. At the end of this year, they are sharing more DDM (direct digital manufacturing) customer success stories.

A big niche in 3D printing

At first glance, 3D printing is a broad, horizontal technology.  But each industry has unique requirements. Sometimes a company turns a specialized technique into a large niche market.

3D printing business evolves at Stratasys

As 3D printing evolves, the market leader, Stratasys, adapts new strategies. The company business units focus on vertical market industries and the company technology is oriented around the design-to-manufacturing process.

Autodesk Inc (NASDAQ:ADSK) Provided 3D Printing Experience for Win 10

[Business Wire] Autodesk Inc (NASDAQ:ADSK)(TREND ANALYSISannounced that Spark, its open 3D printing platform, has been embedded into Windows 10.

Stratasys adds Phil Reeves' Econolyst team, looks to build consulting expertise and value for customers

Stratasys has a strategy to make 3D printing easier and more productive for customers. This includes building communities, partnerships, and a 3D printing ecosystem. It also include services to help customers transform their business processes. This is exactly the expertise that  the Econolyst team brings to Stratasys.

Katy Perry's Halftime Show Shows Off FDM & Polyjet Tech

Stratasys has announced that its technology is illuminating the stage in the opening song of US pop star, Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour with vibrantly colored 3D printed mohawks produced by leading Hollywood special effects company, Legacy Effects.  

Five 3D printing trends for 2015

For 3D printing vendors, the New Year is not so much about new technologies, but new attitudes to what existing technology can do. Stephen Holmes picks out five of the key trends for 2015

Did you visit the 3D Print Show in Paris?

The Carrousel du Louvre – Da Vinci Code film? No. More amazing amazing for engineers than a Dan Brown thriller is the business of 3D printing. The show has grown with old and new players present.

Autodesk Spark and Ember poised to enter 3D printing wars

Autodesk wants to do for 3D printing what Google did for mobile devices: give away an operating system to encourage hardware vendors.

Is additive manufacturing really used for manufacturing? Stratasys Fortus 3D 380MC and 450MC take on direct digital manufacturing

3D printing is critical for many design teams. Rapid-prototypes allow teams to make decisions faster and find problems sooner. Today, products like the Fortus 380MC and 450MC are taking their place on the production floor as additive manufacturing moves into real manufacturing.

Stratasys leads the 3D printing market. Replaces 70% of its 3D printers with new models

The leader in additive manufacturing has the ability to shape markets, and Stratasys will do that with faster product cycles, growing vertical markets, embracing partnerships, and building a digital eco-system.

Did you visit the 3D Print Show in Paris?

The Carrousel du Louvre – Da Vinci Code film? No. More amazing amazing for engineers than a Dan Brown thriller is the business of 3D printing. The show has grown with old and new players present.

Rapid Prototyping Technologies

Rapid prototyping technologies using 3D scanners and printers is changing the way companies design and develop products. In this industry topic, we will examine and investigate the technologies, applications, and usage-models of rapid prototyping tools which includes 3D printer technologies, 3D scanner technologies, and applications which create a productive work-flow.

Increasing the dinosaur population in the 21st century: 3D scanning and 3D printing make it possible

The president of CREA'ZAURUS 3D, Ludovic BLEIN, began feeding his passion for archaeology as a boy of 10 years. Today his company does full-scale models of dinosaurs for museums. CREA'ZAURUS 3D needed new technology to accelerate their work-flow and to remove the practical constraints the company faced in recreating life-sized dinosaurs.

Objet 1000 Launch : a large-format, high-precision, versatile, rapid-prototyping 2 ton 3D printing workhorse

Objet launched their largest model of 3D printer on the first day of Euromold in Frankfurt. CADplace was on-hand to film the product presentation and bring you the details first-hand from Objet.

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