Industry News / CAD Hardware / Lenovo has a workstation to fit the needs of every Dassault customer – the latest Xeon & Quadro ThinkStations on display at the 3DExperience forum

Lenovo has a workstation to fit the needs of every Dassault customer – the latest Xeon & Quadro ThinkStations on display at the 3DExperience forum

Visitors to the Agora Showcase of the 3DExperience Forum could see ThinkStation solutions from the most powerful ThinkStation D30 to the most compact ThinkStation E31 SFF. Lenovo's Anne Verdeil gave CADplace visitors a personal tour of the workstation solutions in this video.


From high-end to entry-level, the ThinkStation line meets the power and budget needs of professional users. Here the ThinkStation D30, C30, S30, and E31 Tower workstations.

The venue in Brussels was expansive. None-the-less, visitors to the Agora Showcase could easily find the Lenovo booth with all of the ThinkStation and ThinkPad workstation solutions on display. In the video which follows, Lenovo Manager, Anne Verdeil, presents each system and its unique benefits for customers.


The Lenovo ThinkStations range from the top-of-the-line, most expandable, powerful ThinkStation D30 to the recently released, compact, ThinkStation E31 SFF as well as the mobile work-horse, the ThinkPad W530.


The ThinkStation D30 supports 2 Xeon CPUs as well as 2 of the largest NVIDIA Quadro or Tesla graphics cards for visualization and computing. Storage is also no problem with space for five hard-drives. Lenovo is a leader in providing compact solutions, and the ThinkStation C30 is the compact dual-processor version of the D30.



Lenovo presents the full range of office and mobile workstations



The ThinkStation S30 is the single-processor, mainstream workstation with support for NVIDIA Quadro 5000 graphics, 1600 MHz memory, and 6 TB of storage. That delivers the power needed by CAD professionals.


ThinkStation E31 SFF

Lenovo customers demand compact solutions like the ThinkStation E31 SFF (Small Form-Factor). Photo CADplace

With the Thinkstation E31, Lenovo essentially eliminates the price difference between a professional, certified workstation and a desktop PC. Supporting both Intel Xeon CPUs and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, the E31 model has the power to handle many professional applications and provides customers with a tested and certified workstation. In addition, the Lenovo team most recently released a small form-factor version of the E31 to fulfill the increasing demand from customers for compact workstation designs.


The Lenovo ThinkPad W530 is a mobile work-horse

Naturally, Lenovo had the mobile workstation, the ThinkPad W530 on display. CADplace reviewed this beautiful mobile workstation which supports 32GB of memory and NVIDIA Quadro K1000 & K2000 graphics, also has special features for color calibration – important for many design applications.


With the complete range of products offered by the Lenovo workstation team, customers can select the right capabilities for their work and budgets. And with the reliability and certifications provided by these professional workstations, customers will have more productive tools for their design, modeling, and simulation.


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