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The AMD FirePro line-up now from top-to-bottom: the FirePro W2100, W4100, W5100, and W7100 are all new

Joining the ultra-high-end FirePro W9100 and W8100, AMD announces the rest of the family at Siggraph. Brand new entry level products, like the FirePro W2100, aim to carve out more market share in the professional CAD space. The FirePro W5100 and W7100 have double the memory and brand new GPU's.  The entire family delivers professional performance with optimizations for applications, reliability with ISV certifications, and great support for high-resolution 4K displays.

PTC Live 2014 comes home to Boston

PTC Creo 3.0 launch  s

This year's edition of the annual PTC customer event took place in in PTC's  home town of Boston and welcomed 3000 people. The news at the event revolved around the launch of Creo 3.0, PTC's flagship CAD platform, and the company's expansion into the "internet of things" with the acquisition of ThingWorx at the very end of 2013.

Interview with NAFEMS CEO, Tim Morris, and discussing reliable simulation

NAFEMS has a long history of accompanying simulation engineers and assisting them to arrive at solid, reliable, simulation results.  CADplace talks with the NAFEMS CEO, Tim Morris, and discusses the history, activities, and benefits NAFEMS strives to deliver to the global simulation community.

Vero Software optimizes WorkNC v23 with a new tool-path calculation engine and a faster graphics kernel

Numerous enhancements are implemented in WorkNC v23 including an optimized tool-path calculation engine, an enhanced graphics kernel, and a revised collision detection module.  These enhancements at the core of the product give customers increased performance, more reliability, and reduced costs.

An overview of manufacturing and prototyping technologies

CAD, CAM, and rapid prototyping technologies are critical elements in design, engineering, and manufacturing work-flows. CADplace looks at a selection of vendors which provide useful tools & technologies.

NAFEMS Paris : Areva presents simulation project for wind turbines

Areva is a well known group active in nuclear energy. Since 2010 the company has a group focused on renewable energy including wind turbines, bio-mass, solar, and energy storage. How did the company use simulation in creating marine-based wind turbines?

Simulation experts arrive at the NAFEMS simulation conference for networking and to share their expertise

Paris, June 4th, 2014 - The first day for the NAFEMS Simulation Conference drawing experts in simulation from diverse industries.

Dassault Systèmes : CATIA Community assembles in Paris

June 3, 2014 : The 3DExperience company brought together the CATIA Community for a face-to-face event in the heart of Paris and provided a day filled with information and networking.

Lenovo ThinkPad W540 mobile workstation is the company’s one and only - a review from GraphicSpeak

Responsible for nearly 13% of worldwide shipments (units) last year, Lenovo reached number three in the workstation market thanks to a major headstart. In 2005, Lenovo acquired IBM’s PC business, including the highly-regarded ThinkPad line. And with ThinkPads came IBM’s market-leading mobile workstations. Since then, Lenovo has put more wood behind its workstation arrow, adding a host of deskside models to complement its ThinkPad W series mobile workstation line.

Technodat and Dassault Systèmes help Konstrukta manage the entire business process with the 3D Experience Platform

It pays to simplify. With the help of Technodat, Konstrukta moved the company completely to the Dassault Systèmes 3D Experience Platform. Now the company uses Dassault technology to support all their business processes from sales management, to design, production, installation and maintenance of customer projects.

CD-adapco STAR Global Conference 2014

STAR Global Conference 2014

CD-adapco invites customers and partners to the annual STAR Global Conference for the latest technology updates and product information. The conference is long on technology and short on marketing : a balance which appears to suit CD-adapco customers.

AMD FirePro W9100 in Hannover : the most powerful professional GPU for engineers and designers in the world

Hannover, Germany hosts the world's largest Industrial trade show every year. 2014 saw AMD showing the world's fastest professional GPU. In addition to the new FirePro W9100, the professional graphics experts demonstrated faster workflows using many different applications which engineers and designers need: PTC Creo, Autodesk VRED, Siemens NX, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks.  And with the release of a completely new professional graphics benchmark, SPECviewperf 12, the FirePro team showed visitors how the AMD professional GPUs blow past the competition.

Which AMD FirePro Graphics do you need for SolidWorks?

AMD FirePro developers worked with SolidWorks developers to accelerate key parts of the application. The cooperation not only benefited SolidWorks and their customers with a faster design program, it seems that AMD is reaping what they sowed with across-the-board, fast performance in SolidWorks.

AMD FirePro GPUs deliver professional performance on the new SPECviewperf 12 released the all-new version 12 of SPECviewperf just a few months ago. CADplace tests the AMD FirePro W5000 with the newest benchmark for professional graphics and gives you the results.

Industrie Paris 2014 and the world of manufacturing IT in France

This week saw the opening of Industrie 2014 where the manufacturing IT world meets. Follow the CADplace reports here.

PTC Live Europe 2013 : German and French conferences bring together PTC customers, eco-system of partners, & top management

PTC Live took to the road. Following the June event in Anaheim, PTC brought together customers and management along with solution partners for conferences in Stuttgart Germany and Paris France. CADplace brings you first-hand reports and videos.

Euromold 2013 : PNY Technologies talks about the benefits for CAD & modeling engineers in using high-performance SSD storage

PNY Technologies is well known for professional graphics from NVIDIA. At Euromold this year, the company discussed another technology to accelerate the professional workstation - SSD storage. In this exclusive interview, Stefan Hummel, PNY marketing manager, describes how SSD storage can increase the performance of a typical engineering workstation.

Dassault Systèmes integrates new simulation abilities into Solidworks and CATIA with the acquisition of Simpoe

In May of 2013, Dassault Systèmes announced the acquisition of Simpoe, experts in plastics simulation. The first fruits of this deal were on display at Euromold 2013 in Frankfurt. CADplace brings you to the event with our interview and presentation from the Simpoe GmbH managing director, Frank Will.

Twenty years of Euromold : CAD, simulation, digital prototyping, & rapid-prototyping manufacturing technologies on display in Frankfurt

Celebrating 20 years of Euromold, the 2013 edition brought together over 1000 providers of manufacturing technologies for nearly 60,000 visitors. Euromold is one of the most important European manufacturing events every year and the trends from 2012 continued with a strong presence of 3D printing suppliers next to traditional CAD, design, engineering, and manufacturing companies.

Batimat 2013, Paris' mammoth, biannual building and construction event

Every two years the construction industry gathers in Paris at Batimat. The whole of the IT industry related to architecture, design, building and project management is present at Batimat. And while all of these industry players are interesting for CADplace and our visitors, information technologies is but a tiny tiny part of this enormous building and construction trade fair.

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