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Millions and millions of applications - why Thingworx got into the Internet of Things business

Russ Fadel is the President and General Manager of ThingWorx. At PTC Live Global in Boston, Russ took the stage to tell the story of ThingWorx and to share the vision he and the company first saw.

Daktronics designs and builds gigantic, unique visual display systems using PTC Creo

When large visual display system designs are so large that they cannot be assembled in the factory, and when the form is customized for the site, there is only one chance to build and install it.  Daktronics uses PTC Creo to make sure that the first time is the right time.

Toyota drive trains enjoy more than a dozen years of success by using PTC solutions

Toyota has been driving their success on PTC applications for over a decade. Koichi Shimizu, Toyota's Project General Manager, discusses how the world's number one automotive OEM benefits from PTC software and shows why the company is upgrading to the PTC Creo platform.

Saving millions through CAD & PLM consolidation : Raytheon describes their battle for platform integration

Raytheon drives a business which is in constant need of new technologies and new expertise. This drives a pattern of acquisition which provides an on-going challenge to coordinate the use of diverse and varied systems across the enterprise. Raytheon needed to consolidate onto a single, unified platform. David Slader, Raytheon Enterprise PDM Director, tells you about their journey.

How fast is your professional graphics workstation? SPECviewperf 12 tells you and CADplace shows you

For decades professionals have turned to for benchmarking graphics workstations. The newest release, SPECviewperf 12, provides a standard measure to compare modern workstation performance. CADplace ran multiple professional GPUs through our Dell Precision T7610 workstation. We show you the FirePro W5000, FirePro W7000 and Quadro K4000 running side-by-side in this CADplace video.

On the road, in the data center, or under your desk, AMD FirePro graphics deliver performance for PTC Creo 3.0

PTC Live Global 2014 in Boston : Take the booth tour with CADplace as we talk with AMD's Jon Clark and PTC's Sandy Smith about AMD FirePro solutions as well as the AMD & PTC partnership – a hardware-software combination that delivers performance and reliability for PTC Creo customers.

PTC Creo 3.0 new features : face-to-face with Brian Thompson

Brian is PTC's vice-president of product development. CADplace had the pleasure of a face-to-face discussion on the latest features and benefits PTC Creo 3.0 provides to 3D design engineers.

PTC takes the Strategic Road less travelled and is very happy about it

Five years ago, you could argue that the business at PTC, Dassault Systemes, and Siemens PLM Software looked relatively the same. Today, PTC's CEO, James Heppelmann comments how his company has gone down a road less travelled. And he is really excited about that.

What is new in PTC Creo 3.0 : See the new features presented by PTC's vice-president Brian Thompson live on-stage at PTC Live Global

PTC Creo 3.0 is a major release for the parametric design experts from Boston. Presenting "Unite Technology"; which implements PTC's promise for AnyData compatibiilty in multi-CAD environments.

PTC's world of smart, connected things : CEO Jim Heppelmann delivers the opening keynote at PTC Live Global 2014 in Boston

Jim Heppelmann draws on Boston's tradition of "Firsts" to prepare the visitors for their PTC Live Global visit. As this year's event was the first since the company acquired ThingWorx, the visitors had plenty of news about smart, connected 'things' in the Internet of Things.  In the keynote presentation video here, Mr. Heppelmann describes how the trillions of dollars of economic value-added activity generated from the Internet of Things will impact the manufacturing of products and - more importantly - our daily lives.

Aucotec grows 50% over three years by making customers successful

Recently, CADplace had the opportunity to talk with executive board member, Markus Bochynek, about the Aucotec business, products, customers, and success. In this video, Mr. Bochynek provides a rapid summary of the company's focus and success.

Lenovo's ThinkStation P300 on display at PTC Live Global 2014

The workstation specialists at Lenovo showcased a host of technology at PTC Live Global in Boston this year. The latest addition to the line up, the ThinkStation P300, figured prominently in configurations designed for PTC customers. Mobile solutions, unique displays, and remote workstation products were on display as well.

3Dconnexion launches the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless at PTC Live Global

Boston was the venue for more than one debut. The 3D mouse experts at 3Dconnexion unveiled their newest professional product and the first professional 3D mouse to cut the cord, the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless.  CADplace caught up with 3Dconnexion for all the details.

Interview with NAFEMS CEO, Tim Morris, and discussing reliable simulation

NAFEMS has a long history of accompanying simulation engineers and assisting them to arrive at solid, reliable, simulation results.  CADplace talks with the NAFEMS CEO, Tim Morris, and discusses the history, activities, and benefits NAFEMS strives to deliver to the global simulation community.

CD-adapco EVP Bill Clark talks about business, strategy, products, customers, the market, and competition

In this interview, Executive Vice President, Bill Clark, discusses CD-adapco's business, strategy, competitive advantage, market perspective, and perspective for the future.

Interview with PTC Germany's Michael Sauter : Germany's business successes in 2013

Herr Michael Sauter, Senior Vice-President at PTC, manages Europe's keystone market and has good news to share about the German market. In this CADplace interview, Herr Sauter describes how PTC succeeded in Germany this year while so many talk about business "crisis".

PTC EVP Brian Shepherd interview : Windchill updates and industry transformation trends

Brian Shepherd is PTC's Executive Vice-President for Enterprise Solutions. CADplace spoke with Mr. Shepherd at the PTC Live Germany conference in Stuttgart where he outlined the key improvements for WindChill and discussed how PTC is helping customers transform their business processes and adapt to major forces shaping the manufacturing industry worldwide.

PTC CEO James Heppelmann on two key topics : 2014 business outlook and PTC's cloud strategies

In a CADplace exclusive video interview, PTC's CEO, Jim Heppelmann, talks about the business climate and outlook for PTC. He also addresses the PLM and CAD company's approach to the cloud and where he sees customer demands leading the company.

Interview : AMD describes the technologies, features, and benefits of the new AMD FirePro™ W-Series Graphics Cards with the new GCN – Graphics Core Next - architecture

The AMD FirePro professional graphics solutions are fast, reliable, optimized for professional applications, and have productivity-enhancing features. The new AMD FirePro W-Series builds on this by bringing the Graphics Core Next architecture to the AMD FirePro professional graphics solutions. CADplace spoke with AMD about the new architecture and its features and benefits for professional customers.

Dassault Systèmes' Agora Showcase filled with innovative partner solutions at the 3DExperience Forum Europe

Ranging from workstations to system integrators to specialized industry solutions, the Agora showcase was the place for Dassault customers to find hardware, solutions, and services they need for their business. CADplace spoke with the partners and many provided an introduction for us on the videos you find in this article.

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