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Customers Praise Dell Precision Workstations for Performance and Reliability

Engineering computing, simulation, & analysis or film pre-visualization, color-grading, special effects, & rendering : take your pick, both drive professional workstations to the limits of their performance and reliability. This is why Adam Watkins from Pixomondo and Marc Meadows from Meadows Analysis & Design run their businesses on Dell Precision professional workstations.

When Dell unveiled its new family of Precision workstations, based on the Intel Xeon E5 platform, several customers had these systems in hand during the final development stage. Pixomondo, recent Oscar winner for visual effects in the film Hugo, and Meadows Analysis & Design, specialists in engineering, design, and analysis, were both present to share their experiences with the latest systems from Dell.

Here are 2 short videos in which each describers their reasons for running on Dell professional workstations as well as their first impressions of the new generation of the E5 Precision workstations from Dell.