Viz/Sim, visual simulation, or simply virtual reality is a group of technologies to bring virtual, 3D models to life. This technology has enabled virtual prototyping & virtual design reviews. It supports research in man-machine interfaces, training for personnel, and remote guidance & piloting of systems in hazardous industrial environments.

Diota delivers industrial performance for Augmented Reality

Sure, augmented reality (A/R) is great for field service and support. It s also an amazingly productive tool for engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. 

JPR press conference and panel discussion at LAVAL VIRTUAL

Laval Virtual is one of the longest running, and most successful virtual reality conferences in the world. JPR is excited to announce our participation at Laval, and we’d like our friends and colleagues in the press to come visit, have coffee and dessert. Get an update from Jon Peddie on the industry and participate in the lively discussion.

KeyShot update streamlines material creation

The popular tool for commercial visualization features new tools for editing interiors and creating complex materials.

How Architecture Graduates are Animating the Film Industry

After spending five-figure sums on their education, you might think that architectural students would, at the very least, continue in the architectural profession. However, as investigated in a new BBC Business article, many students of architecture “are using their newly-learned digital animation and design skills to break into the world of film.” 

Ray Tracing with Embree Kernels using Intel Xeon Phi

Ray tracing is a well understood algorithm and many applications exist to implement it. A synthetic scene can be generated using known properties of light and materials.

Dassault integrates RTT DNA : 3DXCITE is firmly entrenched in the 3D Experience Platform

One and a half years after the announced intention to acquire RTT, Dassault Systèmes has fully integrated the RTT DNA into the company... Which company has been transformed more?

AMD unveils FireRender for 3ds Max

AMD has unveiled the 3ds Max version of FireRender, its OpenCL-based GPU renderer, at Siggraph 2015.

NVIDIA focuses on physically-based rendering solutions at Siggraph 2015, unveils NVIDIA DESIGNWORKS

If designers and engineers are always able to produce physically accurate realistic images from their designs, the process of design changes. NVIDIA wants to enable Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) for the design community.

SIGGRAPH 2015 is coming soon to Los Angeles, and we'd like you to join us for lunch

Please join us for our 15th annual JPR Siggraph Luncheon on August 12th at the LA Live Marriott, a short walk from the Convention Center.

Hoops Exchange adds Parasolid integration

Native support allows software using Exchange to import models without translation.

V-Ray for 3ds Max update supports Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear

The update also enhances GPU ray tracing and volume rendering.

Can Virtual Reality help Optimize Product Engineering, Manufacturing and Operations?

Adding Virtual Reality (VR) to your CAE solution set may be a logical next step in your product realization process. Unlike FEA and CFD results visualisation capabilities, when you import CAD data into a VR program, you will see your designs as if you had made the actual prototypes. VR promises the opportunity for product development teams to identify more issues, optimize manufacturing, simplify maintenance, and create presentations that impress customers.

Autodesk acquires Lagoa for cloud visualization platform

For the second time Autodesk has turned to Brazilian Thiago Costa to jumpstart its visualization.

Architecture emerges as early market segment for virtual reality

Several small companies are seeking a niche; many look to Oculus Rift as the game-changer.

Xsens redesigns motion capture line, drops price

Tougher wearable products and updated software, yet price drops 75%. Fairchild Semiconductor’s Xsens division today releases a new version of its motion capture line for professional animation which they claim delivers more durable wearable sensors and better software at a much lower price.

Luxion Releases New Version 3D Rendering and Animation Software

Luxion an advanced 3D Rendering, lighting and animation software vendor, has released KeyShot 5.1, latest version of its flagship product, KeyShot.

Virtence GmbH takes virtual prototyping beyond visualization

Today, virtual prototyping is fundamental to the design and engineering process. Virtual prototyping entails looking at a design, virtually built, in every aspect. That implies much more than realistic rendering. For Virtence GmbH customers like Volkswagen and Audi, virtual prototyping means simulating, visualizing and interacting with the design.

Design Review using virtual prototyping and real-time 3D stereo visualization

Digital prototyping of complex engineering and architecture projects is becoming more common. Throughout the design phase, teams come together to review their work. 3D stereo design review visualization systems are more accessible than ever before.

Dimension 3 : the Parisian Event for 3D Stereo Technology

3D Stereoscopic technologies have a special application in design disciplines. The film, broadcast & advertising industries have special issues for 3D stereo. Yet the development of the basic building blocks helps everyone working in 3D.

3D Stereoscopy, how does it work and what is it actually

3D stereo imaging is over a century old, but in the last 2 decades, this technology has transformed the design and development process across many industries.

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