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Objet 1000 Launch : a large-format, high-precision, versatile, rapid-prototyping 2 ton 3D printing workhorse

Objet launched their largest model of 3D printer on the first day of Euromold in Frankfurt. CADplace was on-hand to film the product presentation and bring you the details first-hand from Objet.

The Workhorse :

This is truly a workhorse. It weighs over 2 tons. It produces 3D printed parts weighing up to 200 kg. It is designed to run all day and all week. It prints large models up to 1000x800x500 mm with the same accuracy as small parts. This is the Xerox of rapid prototyping and the Objet 1000 should be right at home in the most demanding prototyping departments around the globe.

Ofer Nir, Objet Product Line Manager for professional products, took pleasure in presenting his 2000 kg baby to the world in Frankfurt. Jumping straight to the point, he outlined the features which make the Objet 1000 unique - the large printing envelope, the large number of materials available in a single printed object, the accuracy of the printing, and the robustness of the printer. 

Ease of use is critical :

The printer is designed to support longer print jobs and to be easier to use. This starts with in-print resin refills. The print capacity of 200 kg parts requires a well thought out design for removing and cleaning the printed model. The entire printing tray rolls out of the Objet 1000 onto the cart which takes the results to the water jet system where the entire tray again rolls into the water jet system. This enhances the ease of use for customers of the Objet 1000.

Clear target markets :

The newly merged Stratsys and Objet company sees the Objet 1000 serving customers in the automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, and defense industries.  The target customers are already doing a lot of prototyping and are very knowledgeable about their own needs and the available options on the market.  They most likely already own their own rapid prototyping systems or at the very least are very familiar with rapid prototyping systems.  This could be an internal rapid prototyping department, a company or division which sees the need & benefits of a large rapid prototyping system, or a service bureau or a design company.

Value for the customer :

This new printer brings the Objet Connex value to the large format arena. This provides versatility for customers. First, The printer delivers the same great print quality and accuracy, large number of materials and coatings whether the need is for one large-format model or many smaller models. The wide range of materials which can be combined into a single printed model allows customers to print prototypes for a wider range of projects.