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Stratasys adds Phil Reeves' Econolyst team, looks to build consulting expertise and value for customers

Stratasys has a strategy to make 3D printing easier and more productive for customers. This includes building communities, partnerships, and a 3D printing ecosystem. It also include services to help customers transform their business processes. This is exactly the expertise that the Econolyst team brings to Stratasys.

At CADplace, we know the Statasys team in Europe and we know about the Econolyst team and Dr Reeves as well.   The market leader in 3D printing laid out the company strategy at Euromold 2014.

This includes an accelerated product release cycle, building an ecosystem for 3D printing, and adding partnerships to make 3D printing easier. The company also has a focus on customers in vertical markets. These customers can benefit from consulting expertise which allows them to transform their business faster to increase competitiveness and productivity.

The Econolyst team has, literally, decades of this precise experience. By infusing Stratasys with their experience and forming the basis of their consulting team, Stratasys will greatly increase the rate at which Dr Reeves' team spreads its knowledge and experience. That will be a big benefit to Stratasys customers and to Stratasys as a company.

The 3D printing leader has said that running at the front of the pack is the most difficult position to maintain, but that they intend to remain the market leader. The addition of Econolyst may seem like a small move to some observers, but at CADplace, it is one of the elemental building blocks for future growth. We think this company has  the right vision for the future.

Below is the related release from Stratasys:

MINNEAPOLIS & REHOVOT, ISRAEL, – Month, 27, YEAR – Stratasys Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSYS), a global leading manufacturer of 3D printers and and additive manufacturing solutions, today announced that the team at Econolyst, a top Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing consultancy and research firm, will join Stratasys Services Group.  Econolyst’s highly skilled team, led by Dr. Phil Reeves, a 20-year industry veteran in the Additive Manufacturing space, will form the foundation of the new Stratasys Strategic Consulting Division. This Division will complement Stratasys’ other Services offerings, which are designed to help customers build their Additive Manufacturing vision and strategy, support implementation and optimize 3D Printing workflows. Stratasys expects the addition of Econolyst to help organizations better understand the value of Additive Manufacturing, increasing adoption over time. 

Econolyst offers a broad range of strategic consulting services and support for Additive Manufacturing adoption, education and innovation to a diverse set of global clients. For more than a decade, Econolyst has been helping businesses around the world understand the strategic economic, business, social and environmental benefits of Additive Manufacturing.  As part of Stratasys, the Strategic Consulting Division will strengthen the breadth and depth of Stratasys’ Services expertise and capabilities.  The Strategic Consulting Division will provide independent, expert consulting around Additive Manufacturing strategy development, ideation and innovation and implementation planning across technologies and solutions. Importantly, it will remain technology agnostic.   

The Stratasys Services Group is led by Hanoch Magid, Executive Vice President, Services and Materials. The Group includes:

  • The newly founded Strategic Consulting Division to be led by Dr. Reeves;
  • The Professional Services Division that helps customers optimize their Additive Manufacturing workflows and identify disruptive onsite opportunities; and
  • The Customer Support Division that provides support, maintenance and training to existing customers.  

“We believe that Additive Manufacturing technology is poised to enter a new phase of increased adoption in a broad range of industries, disrupting traditional manufacturing processes,” said David Reis, Chief Executive Officer of Stratasys.  “Expanding our services offering is a key pillar of our investment plan to capitalize on this opportunity.  Stratasys has the unique ability to provide organizations with a broad range of Additive Manufacturing technologies and solutions, coupled with our in-depth process specific expertise.  The addition of Dr. Reeves, a thought leader in the industry, and his team will further strengthen Stratasys’ services capabilities, and we are excited to welcome them to Stratasys.”