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Stratasys leads the 3D printing market. Replaces 70% of its 3D printers with new models

The leader in additive manufacturing has the ability to shape markets, and Stratasys will do that with faster product cycles, growing vertical markets, embracing partnerships, and building a digital eco-system.

The following article was published at GraphicSpeak. We reproduce part of it here for our readers.

Ten years ago at Euromold, 3D printing and related technology occupied a small corner of Hall 11. Today, 3D printing dominates the show and is viewed as a strategic technology for many manufacturing companies. As a leading provider of 3D printing technology Stratasys was out in full force at the show, eager to discuss its strategy to keep the company in a leadership position.

It can be hardest to run a race from the front of the pack. Stratasys clearly leads the additive manufacturing market. The company’s growth has exploded since the merger two years ago of Stratasys from Minnesota and Objet from Israel. The company went from 900 to around 3,000 employees in 23 months. Several acquisitions have supported the growth of the company. Stratasys is focused on staying in the lead by bringing together products, technologies, services, and communities in order to create a complete design-to-print ecosystem.

A six-point strategy to lead in 3D printing

David Reis, Stratasys CEO, says he wonders why so many companies attempt to hide their strategy. Stratasys wants to share its strategy with customers and partners so they can move forward together. At Euromold Reis outlined six strategic imperatives:

  • Lead in prototyping
  • Grow direct digital manufacturing (DDM)
  • Introduce vertical market applications
  • Accelerate delivery of new solutions to the market
  • Improve 3D printing accessibility
  • Increase customer intimacy

Leading in prototyping is critical for the company. The PolyJet technology of the Connex products with color and multi-material printing is key to maintaining the lead.

The DDM market segment is growing faster than the company expected. Stratasys is responding with significant upgrades to the Fortus product line to meet the special requirements of manufacturing.

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Stratasys CEO, David Reis, outlines the success and the strategy for the leader in additive manufacturing