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CorelCAD 2016 arrives

Corel has building on its CorelDraw franchise to create a line of professional products for designers. In the process the company has been able to appeal to a unique base of users.

It has been five years since Corel decided to revisit the mainstream CAD market with a product that looked a lot like an AutoCAD competitor. Corel teamed with Graebert for their Ares CAD engine and proceeded to build a full function CAD drafting tool. It didn’t seem like a good idea at the time. Dassault had just started to offer its own Ares-based tool Draftsight for free and Autodesk had successfully fended off competitors over the years. But, Corel has learned over the years to stop looking at competitors and to look to its users. As a result, the company has a competitive CAD product, but also a unique set of tools for its base of illustrators and designers.

So, now 5 years later after the introduction of CorelCAD based on Graebert’s Areas engine, Klaus Vossen, Senior Product Manager for Technical Graphics at Corel tells us CorelCAD is a success. How does one evaluate that comment? Well the company has continued to invest in its line of complementary products including CorelDraw, Corel Designer, and CorelCAD, and it competes with Dassault’s free DraftSight because it includes 3D and customization tools including LISP and Visual Studio support. The free version of Draftsight is a 2D product that doesn’t support the customization tools.

For this version Klaus says the company is staying on course, building on what they have developed in cooperation with Graebert. This latest version adds on full support for Windows 10 and Apple’s El Capitan. It has nice features for productivity including Quick Input, Annotative Scaling, and Head Up Display. The Quick Input tool brings the command entry box to the cursor. Likewise the Head Up Display displays icons for the most commonly used functions and settings when an entity is selected. It can be toggled on or off and disappears after a few seconds when it hasn’t been used.

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