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Explore BIM Models in Virtual Reality

What if you could look at your model and see exactly how it would look in a real environment – and then explore it inside and out in virtual reality?

The premise of Revit, the popular building information modeling (BIM) platform, is to design buildings quickly and then see exactly how they might look after construction. However, these renderings can only go so far.
This is where something like the new beta plug-in V-Ray for Revit could come in quite handy.


Generate Realistic Renderings of BIM Models

V-Ray is best known for its photo-realistic renderings of projects. It is also able to create a virtual reality (VR) model. Both will come into play with the V-Ray for Revit plug-in. It uses a proprietary stereoscopic rendering camera to generate a 3D environment with existing Revit cameras, lighting and materials.

With this environment, users can generate photo-realistic images of projects to give viewers a sense of what the outcome will look like by creating a VR “map” of a building inside and out. The map can then be exported and viewed.
Formats for viewing aren’t specified yet for this version of V-Ray, but the previous 3ds Max version supported formats like Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

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