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Rethink your business to increase your profits

Paris, November 4, 2014. Dassault Systèmes hosts customers at the 3D Experience Forum. Yes, the company discussed its own direction and strategy, but a key theme for the French industrials, dramatically increase margins and profitability by radically re-thinking your relationship with customers.

In the past, CEO Bernard Charlès highlighted the market shift from purchasing things to purchasing experiences tying this to the increased value delivered to the customer. In Paris, Olivier Leteurtre, brought this to the concrete benefit: dramatically increase margins by transforming your relationship to the customer. It doesn't matter what you think your business is – even if you are purely B2B, understand the needs and desires of the final customer as well as the needs and processes of your own customer.


Many examples exist to begin the exercise. As many can see today, how customers pay for purchases is changing. This change spans mass market consumers to heavy industry manufacturing to transportation. If you feel that your product or service might be to standardized or ordinary to make a transformation and increase your profits, consider the quite ordinary coffee bean. A kilo of coffee beans in the form of a capsule for your home espresso machine costs around 80€ per kilogram!

Dassault Systèmes focuses on the tools to deliver value to you so that you can deliver extraordinary value to your customers. From the perspective of the 3D Experience platform company, they deliver more than a set of tools, more even, that a set of compatible & interoperable tools. The company is dedicated to enabling a complete transformation of your work-flow with a result of fully realizing and experiencing you ideas, designs, and products.

Those are my words. M. Leteurtre took a practical approach by explaining the 3DS compass to the audience. The western point on the compass (3D) is simply the roots of the company. The eastern point of the compass is information – today representing more than the fully digitized product information, but also the big data associated with the product, performance, or market of your customer. The northern point is collaboration which is today enhanced through social media in the workplace. The southern point of the compass is the visualization and reality of the idea. Here, the addition of the RTT company under the banner of the Dassault Systèmes 3DXcite brand enables virtual reality and product visualization from the design studio to the customer showroom.

The German visualization experts, RTT, have been added to the 3DS family under the brand 3DXcite


Dassault uses the term “social industry experiences” to put a framework around these compass-ideas and the tools that transform them into new workflow possibilities. The focus on the customer workflow is no accident. For while faster tools for design, product management, marketing, and service are important, just as with the coffee bean, the 3DS company sees their value to customers as the ability to radically change processes, work-flows, and customer relationships for their customers.

Now, beyond the highlighted strategies, the day was filled with customers speaking of their own experiences, a partner showcase with specific solutions and services on display, as well as afternoon break-out sessions dedicated to specific industrial segments. Altogether, a valuable day in central Paris which provided more than company news and new products, but also inspiration for French companies on how to transform their businesses for higher margins and profitability – of course with a few ideas on how Dassault Systèmes can accompany them on that journey.