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Review of Ansys SpaceClaim 2015

Ever since SpaceClaim was acquired by Ansys some have pondered the future of the 3D modelling system, but it seems development is forging ahead. Al Dean takes a look at the latest release and finds updates in all areas of the system

When SpaceClaim was released in 2007 many in the 3D design industry wondered how it could take on the mighty among the long established players.


Its combination of direct modelling with a wealth of data import and export options meant that the system quickly found a home in those areas where there’s a need for occasional 3D CAD use, but without the overhead of more traditional parametric and history-based modelling systems.

This could be on the shopfloor for pre-processing before machining, in the sales office for big creation and quotation workflows or in the simulation office for model prep prior to meshing.

This last area has been a particular success, especially since the company linked up with simulation heavyweight, Ansys in 2009. This saw SpaceClaim added to Ansys’ price book and sold alongside its wealth of simulation specific systems.

So, it was with little surprise that 2013 saw Ansys acquire the company and bring it into the fold. It made huge sense as, while Ansys has always had its own modelling system (Design Modeler), it was showing its age and SpaceClaim offered a much more modern, all encompassing, set of tools for preparing models for simulation.

SpaceClaim 2015 is the first major release since then and it’s interesting to note that the acquisition hasn’t steered the system in a particular direction (in other words, toward simulation), but rather, the updates are across the board.

So let’s explore what SpaceClaim 2015 has to offer users in all areas.

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