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  2. CD-adapco STAR Global Conference 2014

CD-adapco STAR Global Conference 2014

CD-adapco invites customers and partners to the annual STAR Global Conference for the latest technology updates and product information. The conference is long on technology and short on marketing : a balance which appears to suit CD-adapco customers.

Vienna, Austria welcomed over 500 guests to the 2014 STAR Global conference.  At CADplace, we appreciate the focus on content at the expense of flash. From the CEO keynote to the last conference presentation, simulation technology and how to apply it and gain the benefits was the priority.

One of the key announcements came from CEO Steve MacDonald. The company goal is to combine finite volume and finite element simulation into a single code-base. According to Mr. MacDonald, this will present challenges, but the company feels that the benefits to customers will be worth it.

Below are several articles covering the event, the conference topics, the partner solutions, and discussions with key executives.