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NAFEMS Paris : Areva presents simulation project for wind turbines

Areva is a well known group active in nuclear energy. Since 2010 the company has a group focused on renewable energy including wind turbines, bio-mass, solar, and energy storage. How did the company use simulation in creating marine-based wind turbines?

Although the Areva group dedicated to renewable energy is only 4 years old, the group has a longer experience in the business thanks to partnerships. In the case of marine-based wind turbines, the company must address many issues to create a profitable wind turbine system to address issues unique to the harsh marine environment.


Simulation is applied to the turbine - it's material, manufacturing and form. Simulation is applied to the stress on the structure, with waves, currents, and winds. Among the challenges was to find a more advanced method of simulation which could address the unique characteristics of the marine turbines.  The extreme size, the characteristics of the materials, the requirements to react and adapt to changes in wind and waves, all combine to create a complex simulation environment.

Different turbine designs were placed in simulation to analyze the characteristics with changes in the force and the direction of the wind. 

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