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A CAMWorks First Time User Talks

For 20 years I've sold and marketed various hardware, software, and service packages. What this means is that I've become expert in product research and people

So, when I was presented with an opportunity to write about software from CAMWorks, my first task was to find someone who is a technical expert in CAD/CAM, as well as an eager adapter of new technologies. I planned to sell that someone on CAMWorks software by telling them about the marketing provided by CAMWorks developer Geometric, let them try it out, and then tell me how it really stacks up.


Alex Doroneko of CAD CAM Services, Inc. agreed to be my test case. He really knows his way around CAD modeling, machining, and manufacturing as he is Chief Engineer for his company's outsourcing department, and is a SOLIDWORKS expert. For this evaluation, I "sold" him CAMWorks for use in SOLIDWORKS. (CAMWorks is also available for Solid Edge, and there is a standalone version.) Alex did not evaluate the other versions, but feels certain they would function similarly to the SOLIDWORKS one.

Alex is in charge of engineering parts and assemblies designed to customize SUVs, like the Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus, and other automobile vendors. He also does experimental design in the metal industry and rotary PET casting. For this work he has an all-in-one manufactory, including 3D design software, a test lab, and a full production system in-house that goes from initial idea to completed product delivery. He runs a mill-Turn CNC machine, from which finished products are made like steel bumpers, powered sliders, extra fuel tanks, enhanced coils -- anything to get a big car like a Toyota Tundra ready for extreme road conditions.

Alex often starts the processes with a 3D scan of the object he's going to modify, and then from the point cloud data makes a SOLIDWORKS model.

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