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Download AutoCAD 2015 for Windows & Mac: Free test for 30 days

Now that Autodesk has released AutoCAD 2015 for the Mac, the 30 day trial version is available for download. Load it up on your PC or Mac and get a full-featured AutoCAD to test for 30 days.

Try before you buy – a smart way to get the most of your CAD budget.

Certainly you have evaluated your CAD needs and project requirements in order to narrow the investment choice for CAD tools. It could be that you have a couple of CAD tools on your short list. You might even be “certain” that you have identified the right application already.

Click here to go to theAutoCAD 2015 free download page

If that application is AutoCAD, then you have the chance to go one more step before investing your company resources. Go to the AutoCAD 2015 download page where you can download the trial version.

AutoCAD 2015 is available for Mac OS, too.

Which versions are available? AutoCAD 2015 still comes in 32 bit and 64 bit versions for Windows. To be honest, does anyone still use a 32-bit version of Windows for professional CAD? I would hope not.

The AutoCAD 2015 trial version is available for Mac OS, too. The Mac OS is a 64 bit operating system – no need to chose. It's the same AutoCAD version for an iMac, a Macbook Pro, or even a Macbook Air.

Autodesk warns you if there could be an issue with the trial version download, for example if you are running Windows 8 or using the Firefox browser.

When you land on the AutoCAD 2015 download page, select “Download Trial”. Pay attention if there is an “alert” displayed. Autodesk tells you if there could be a possible issue with your download. The CAD specialists recently had issues running the download installation on Windows 8.1. Another time, Autodesk alerted me that there are known issues with their trial version downloads and the Firefox browser.

Click “Download Trial”. Check the 2 “I agree” boxes and then the download starts. Autodesk recommends a fast internet connection – the initial download for my Mac is over 800MB in size. They also recommend either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as browsers for the download.

Autodesk also recommends at least 6 GB of available storage space. If your system is anywhere close to that limit, then you should spend the time to back up and clean up your workstation before getting started with the AutoCAD 2015 trial version.

Once the download is complete, launch the installation package. This guides you through the installation. I'll show you the steps in images for the Mac installation below.

When the installation finished, my Macbook had an Autodesk folder with the AutoCAD 2015 sub-folder all neatly arranged in my Mac's Applications folder. You can also find it in the Mac LaunchPad – just look for the LaunchPad group-folder called Autodesk. In this folder, you will find AutoCAD 2015.

When AutoCAD 2015 launches, you will have yet another opportunity to lie about reading the Autodesk Privacy Statement. After confirming your “fib”, AutoCAD tells you how many days remain in your trial and gives you the choice to Activate your official version or to continue with the Trial.

Now Autodesk displays a set of “What's New” videos which might be a useful overview the first time you work with the AutoCAD 2015 trial version. This might seem like a waste of time to some users. However, if you take the time to zip through the information, you will be up-to-date on the latest features and you might avoid wasted time later.

With the trial version installed, you are ready to test AutoCAD 2015 for your projects.

AutoCAD 2015 free trial download & installation process