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Your company's engineering and design teams need the right hardware infrastructure to support critical business processes. CADplace looks at important hardware tools and issues.

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High-end workstation customers need power and performance. The CELSIUS M770 delivers performance and a special bonus: a remarkable, elegant, and simple design.

The CADplace workstation survey results

CADplace's workstation hardware survey results: How does your workstation compare?

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On the run VR workstation: the new Fujitsu CELSIUS H970

Professional designers and engineers always need power. VR for professional applications takes your thirst for power to another level. That could have chained you your de…

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New blood for the 2017 Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations

Slimmed-down and beefed-up workstations from Team-Augsburg

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Fujitsu presents for the first time its new GPU line-up at NVIDIA’s GTC Europe

What better place to launch and display new graphics and computing platforms than at a premier European event for graphics and computing, NVIDIA’s European GPU Technology…

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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Workstation Technology at the 2017 Fujitsu Forum

More than 12,000 visitors from over 80 countries journeyed to Munich, Germany for the expertise in Tech, Data Center, Security, AI, IoT, R&D, & IT services they can expec…

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Good things come in small packages

Fujitsu launched two pint-sized, full-power workstations in 2017 and CADplace has had a look at both. These compact desktop workstations can fit in plenty of memory, a po…

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VR, AI, & Drones : powered by multi-GPU Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations

What do VR applications, artificial intelligence for product development, and autonomous survey drones have in common? If you guessed a need for fast, multiple GPU workst…

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Productivity for Engineers with high-performance remote graphics and VR from Fujitsu

Leading edge technology delivers productivity, but do companies have the resources to implement it? Fujitsu solutions make it possible. Fujitsu partners make it painless.…

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Fast AMD FirePro graphics are even more affordable now

AMD FirePro graphics cards typically deliver great price / performance from entry-level 3D to ultra-high-end graphics. And for a short time, AMD is giving great deals, to…

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The Fujitsu CELSIUS H760: a powerful, flexible, and secure workstation for the road

The CELSIUS H760 is more than a desktop replacement mobile workstation. It is the ultimate hotrod-workstation for engineers on the go.

A quarter century of workstations: Fujitsu's made in Germany journey

In the beginning, there were UNIX workstations. Then the world's first Windows workstation. Then the first mobile workstation. Then the first 1U rack workstation. How was…

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Fujitsu's CELSIUS W550 : an "entry-level" workstation that blows away the entry-level

Intel's "Skylake" Xeon at 3.7 GHz, NVIDIA Quadro M4000, 64 GB of memory, 27 TB of storage - those specs are some kind of special "entry-level".

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Dell Precision 15 5510: style & power

Production begins for the new, stylish mobile workstation from Dell. More performance in a smaller package with a beautiful design and a geeky name. This is the Dell Prec…

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How fast is the Quadro K1200?

The NVIDIA Quadro K1200 comes in a small package but packs a surprising punch. PW looks at this GPU's performance.

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Which NVIDIA Quadro for Adobe Video?

How much GPU power do you need for your Adobe video applications After looking at the Quadro K1200 and Quadro M4000, PW came up with an answer that surprised us.

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Digging into the Quadro M4000

For many people, 1664 is a not-so-great-tasting French beer. For PW, it is the number of CUDA cores on a Quadro M4000. Check out the performance and the possibilities ...

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SSD storage options - which is best for you?

SSD drives are fast. Faster than traditional HDD storage. What are some of your options in a workstation today?

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Skylake's best feature could be 64 GB memory

Intel "Skylake" platform delivers more performance, but it's best feature could be the doubling of memory to 64 GB.

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Top of the wish list: Thunderbolt 3 storage

More speed, more pixels, more power, more protocols : this is why I want Thunderbolt 3 for Christmas