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Dell Precision 15 5510: style & power

Production begins for the new, stylish mobile workstation from Dell. More performance in a smaller package with a beautiful design and a geeky name. This is the Dell Precision 15 5510 mobile workstation.

Paris, France: Oct 20, 2015 - Dell invites customers to examine the full offering of Dell products and services at the Dell Solutions Tour. The draw for PW? The new mobile workstations make their first public appearance.  PW brings you some of the first images and a bit more information on this new mobile workstation.

Dell's Precision 15 5510 is a welcome update to the Precision M3800 mobile workstation

The Dell Precision 15 5510 is a much-needed update. The Precision M3800 is a beautiful workstation and Dell gave the machine a small boost at the beginning of 2015. However, Intel and their mobile CPU issues forced Dell and other workstation vendors to extend the lifecycle of the previous generation. Today's model takes full advantage of technology updates for the CPU, the GPU, the display, etc. 

The 5510 is a smaller workstation than the M3800 - the reason is Dell's "InfinityEdge" display sports a smaller bezel which allows for the smaller foot-print for the 5510.  The styling follows closely that of the Precision M3800. The keyboard is similar, although the interior palm-rest is new. Dell also says that the touchpad is new. An additional and uniquely Dell touch has been added for the 5510 - namely support for the Dell Precision Optimizer (see:Optimized workstation performance ... Automatically).