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Fast AMD FirePro graphics are even more affordable now

AMD FirePro graphics cards typically deliver great price / performance from entry-level 3D to ultra-high-end graphics. And for a short time, AMD is giving great deals, too. Check it out.

How would it sound to get the perfect graphics performance for your workstation and then save up to 30% on your GPU? That is what AMD is offering to customers now. This special offer

CADplace has tested many AMD GPUs. They have delivered great workstation graphics performance, useful features and configurations, and solid application support.  Check out this Viewpert 12 comparison.  Now the FirePro team is making the entire line-up more affordable with a special online offer. Take a look at the ultra-high-end FirePro W9100 where you can save $1200, and then have a look at a launch video highlighting its performance.

Let's look at some of the GPUs in the AMD FirePro line-up.

The FirePro W9100 is AMD's flagship GPU. When it launched, it was the fastest professional GPU with the most memory, 16 GB, on the market. It offers great 4K, multiple display performance for any high-end graphics or GPU-computing demands. The GPU has been updated today with a 32 GB model which is used for extremely demanding graphics and OpenCL GPU-computing with applications such as Dassault Sytemes' Abaqus and Siemens' Nastran.

When you just need really fast graphics for design and visualization (and who doesn't?), then you will probably find that the AMD FirePro W7100 will fit the bill. This full-length, high-end graphics card is based on AMD's Tonga GPU which sports 5 billion transistors, 1792 shading units, 112 texture mapping units and 32 ROPs. That is geek-speak for pretty darn fast.   It is a full-height board loaded with 8 GB of GDDR5 memory and four DisplayPort outputs that can easily support 4K resolutions. 

The FirePro W4300 will be in the CADplace test lab soon and then we will be able to tell you first-hand about the performance of this half-height CAD wonder. It is based on AMD's Bonaire GPU and is a half-height graphics card which can pack a lot of CAD-modeling graphics performance into a small form-factor (SFF) workstation. Like the high-end FirePro 7100, the FirePro W4300 sports four outputs that can drive 4K resolutions - this time using the miniDisplayPort connector.  This makes it a great choice for multiple display workstations which provides a very productive workspace for CAD professionals. 

The CADplace Perspective

AMD has a fine line-up of professional FirePro GPUs. There are many other FirePro boards to chose from including the FirePro W2100, the FirePro W5100, and the FirePro W8100. And all of these products are also part of this online rebate offer. Don't hesitate. Have a look at the AMD FirePro promotion page and find the model that will be that perfect fit for your professional workstation.