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How fast is the Quadro K1200?

The NVIDIA Quadro K1200 comes in a small package but packs a surprising punch. PW looks at this GPU's performance.

This Quadro GPU has been designed into a low-profile graphics card. This small form-factor, along with the modest power requirement of 45W, allows the Quadro K1200 to drive 3D performance in the industry's smallest workstations.  Yet the specs and the 3D performance may surprise you.

The Quadro K1200 GPU is based on NVIDIA's Maxwell architecture and uses NVIDIA's GM107 chip which is the same GPU variant used on the Quadro K620 and K2200 boards. The K1200 falls in between the other 2 GPUs in the best ways... Where the K620 sports 2 GB of GDDR5 memory, the Quadro K1200 matches the K2200's 4 GB. On the other hand, the low-profile format and the 45 W TDP match the specs of the K620.  

The result is a GPU which puts K2200 performance levels into a compact, SFF workstation.  PW tested the Quadro K1200 Viewperf 12 performance and give you the results below. When we compare it to the results of the K2200, the results are pretty close. NVIDIA made a welcomed move to a 4x miniDisplayPort graphics output configuration. Finally!  And the GPU can drive new, modern 4K displays at 60 Hz. 

PW had a good look at this GPU. We have more test results in addition to Viewperf summary below. As soon as we finish our analysis, you can expect to find an update here.