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Top of the wish list: Thunderbolt 3 storage

More speed, more pixels, more power, more protocols : this is why I want Thunderbolt 3 for Christmas

Thunderbolt 3 is out and it delivers more of everything. Getting it on my new mobile workstation along with new Thunderbolt external hard drives is at the top of my wish list for Christmas.

The new high-performance standard for connectivity builds on the USB Type C connector which is small and flexible. Flexible because it can support protocols other than the USB-C protocols. Thunderbolt leverages the connector which will bring more devices to the standard. 

A key benefit will be the plethora of new products which will support and use the Thunderbolt port. The new standard will deliver 40 Gbps transfer speeds. That makes for great connectivity with external storage. Version 3 will also drive 2 external 4K displays at 60 Hz. It delivers more power to devices as well supporting 15W devices. 

One of the uses for all that transfer performance is storage solutions - back up storage for mobile and fixed workstations, and project work-disks which will allow the transportability of projects while working in the office and then being gone on business.  High performance external storage for work adds a greater dimension of flexibility to organizing my projects when I switch between the office, travel, and home.