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3D Printing Changes the Game

I recently talked with a friend who was not in IT and mentioned 3D printing... What? she said. I went further to describe a few of the possibilities that are possible now with 3D printing as her eyes became bigger and bigger. To be honest, for anyone who is not in the design field and who is not familiar with the technology, it is essentially magic.

So when I saw this article from our friends at CAD/CAM Performance, I simply could not avoid bringing it to the attention of CADplace readers. It is short, sweet, and informative. For any engineers who have not yet concerned themselves with this technology, ... well I hope they will after reading this article.  Here you are...

by Aaron Goldberg on 25 Oct, 2012 : www.cadcamperformance.com

In the “old” days, the gap between design completion and the actual delivery of a physical product was often measured in months, took a large amount of costly resources, and was often the point at which otherwise useful designs would never get to see the light of day.  The cost of prototyping was so prohibitive, that it actually killed good ideas.That thinking is now as old school as computing via terminal to a mainframe!  3D printers have literally changed the game for prototype delivery, delivery of “one-off” designs, and for “self-production.” I know that’s a whole lot of quotation marks, but we’re dealing with a lot of very new concepts and capabilities that are dramatically changing the final output of what CAD professionals are delivering. Some call this Additive Manufacturing (AM), as this approach involves “adding” substances to create the finished product, but 3D printing is the name I like, and is more common.  And to me, the changes that 3D printing delivers are really going change the fundamental structure of some markets by virtue of these new concepts.