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Dell Precision T1700 Small Form-Factor (SFF) workstation to arrive soon

Hiding in plain sight is often an excellent tactic. CADplace may have been the only visitor at the recent Hannover Fair to do a double-take on seeing the Precision T1700 at the Dell booth.

At the Hannover Industry Fair (HMI, Hannover Messe Industrie), visitors find every product, solution and service they might need in manufacturing. And a "small" part of the Hannover Fair is Hall 7, the digital factory.   CADplace interviewed multiple vendors on the topic of the cloud and their customers. 

After filming Michael Naujoks and while talking with his Dell colleagues, we noticed a tiny, black, nicely designed SFF on the stand. Here is one of the images. You also get an ever brief view of the box in our Hannover Cloud video.

CADplace will be reviewing this unit for you soon. Watch this space!