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Dell Precision Workstations go to the extremes : the extremely powerful Precision R7610 rack workstation & the extremely small Precision T1700

Today Dell revealed details of their newest additions to the Precision professional workstations. The Dell Precision R7610 is destined for the server room and should prove popular in the growing market for remote workstations. The Dell Precision T1700 is the newest generation, Intel E3-1200 and Core family of workstations based on the Intel “Haswell” processor and Dell's first small form-factor, SFF, workstation design. CADplace met Dell's workstation team in London and captured the latest news for you in these exclusive videos.

“Dell's always been a company that listens to its customers” begins Neil Hand, the Vice-President of Dell's Performance PCs and Tablets division. And this listening exercise has helped Dell to many “firsts” in the professional workstation market. One of those “firsts” was to create a rack workstation for the data center. The Precision R7610 is the 3rd generation product from Dell in this segment.

The second product introduction today is the Dell Precision T1700 entry-level workstation in a tower and a SFF version. CADplace spotted a Precision T1700 at the Hannover Messe Industrie (HMI) last April. The Precision T1700 delivers workstation performance, reliability, as well as ISV-tested and certified stability to your desktop for a price that looks like the pricing of a desktop PC.

More and more customers want the advantages of a rack workstation – security on one hand and a faster return on investment on the other. With the workstation in the data center or server room, neither the workstation nor the data leave the data center which allows for a better control over security. And with the system on the company network and accessible around the globe, one rack workstation like the Precision R7610 with 4 GPUs can service 4 users simultaneously and also be used around the clock in a global company with engineers on different continents. Additional benefits abound, however the issues of security and ROI are compelling arguments for many companies.

The Precision R7610 rack workstation can be configured with 2 Intel Xeon 8-core E5-2600 processors, 4 AMD FirePro GPUs or NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla GPUs, 256GB of memory with 512GB capacity available soon, Dell's patented Reliable Memory Technology, and up to 6 SATA or SAS drives.

Dell states that the Precision T1700 in the SFF version is the smallest and most powerful SFF workstation on the market. The new entry-level workstation is about 30% smaller in size than Dell's main competitor products.

There is real value in a professional workstation like the Precision T1700 which delivers a certified, professional workstation for about the same price as a commercial desktop PC. And the SFF model is not only a nice performing workstation with a larger list of software certifications, but also a space-saving device for a busy office.

The Dell Precision T1700 can use the Intel Xeon E3 and Intel Core processors including the new generation known under the code name Haswell. The Precision T1700 can be configured with 32 GB of memory, AMD FirePro and NVIDIA Quadro professional GPUs, and four 2.5” SATA drives in the mini-tower model or two 2.5” SATA drives in the SFF model.