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GrabCAD Workbench Pro exits beta as a Collaborative Product Data solution

What started as “GitHub for 3D” and a community of designers has become a legitimate SaaS collaborative product data tool for small groups.

By Randall Newton at GraphicSpeak

GrabCAD accepts all leading mechanical CAD formats, and has links to several other CAD-related services including Keyshot for 3D rendering and visualization, shown here. (Source: Luxion)

Next week GrabCAD Workbench Pro will exit its beta period and become generally available with new features that realistically allow it to be called a collaborative product data solution (CPD).

GrabCAD Workbench started out as a desktop extension of the GrabCAD web site, launched as a model-sharing community for mechanical engineers and product designers. Now it offers the ability to:  

  • Maintain a single master file
  • Create local cache copies of the file for editing
  • Lock/check-out the file to prevent multiple edits
  • Synchronize the cache copy with the cloud-based master on demand or on a schedule
  • Maintain and restore back-up versions.

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