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NVIDIA Grid available on Amazon Web Services

Amazon makes Nvidia’s Grid visual computing technology widely available. Dell, IBM, HP, and others offer remote workstation solutions, Amazon Web Services is delivering Grid capabilities via cloud services.

Nvidia Grid gets real

By Kathleen Maher at GfxSpeak

Although Nvidia’s Grid was an­nounced over a year ago at GTC 2012 and has seen some customer adoption and important partner­ships with HP and Dell, among oth­ers, Nvidia put more meat on the bone with the Kepler rolled out last spring.

Kepler is Nvidia’s first chip that has integrated support for remote computing.

At Nvidia’s GTC devel­oper conference this year, the company in­troduced the Visual Computing Appliance (VCA), a compact, low-cost 2U appliance that enables small companies to take advantage of Nvid­ia’s Grid technology. And Amazon has put the icing on the cake by providing access to Nvidia’s GPUs via its EC2, Elastic Com­pute Cloud web ser­vice available through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

So far, GPU re­sources are available in two instance types, G2 and CG1; both include Intel Xeon processors and Nvidia GPUs, which can be used for graphics applications or GPGPU com­pute applications. The G2 includes ac­cess to Nvidia Grid GPUs via the Kepler GK104 including 4 GB of video memory and the GPU’s on-board hardware video encoder. The CG1 instances offer Nvid­ia’s Tesla M2050 GPUs (Fermi GF100).

Amazon says the initial driver release for the G2 includes support for OpenGL 4.3, DirectX 11, CUDA 5.5, and Open­CL 1.1. The CG1 drivers offer support for CUDA 5.5, OpenCL 1.1, and Direct­Compute. Both options provide access to the Grid SDK. Amazon says the pop­ular use cases for G2 will be service-side graphics applications including game streaming and 3D application stream­ing. The CG1 offers capabilities on the GPGPU compute side including mas­sively parallel tasks like computational chemistry, rendering, financial model­ing, and engineering design.

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