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UPDATE : Dell prepares the next generation of mobile Precision workstations : Precision M3800 being prepared for delivery in 2013

Rumours have circulated about the next generation of Dell Precision mobile workstations. A few new facts have been released. NVIDIA Quadro K1100M graphics, a 1000:1 contrast ultra-high resolution display, and 4th generation Intel Core 7 CPU.

CADplace knows the Dell Precision product line well. We've done reviews on the Precision M6700 and M4700. We have filmed the M6700 Covet Edition at Autodesk University, and we have reported first-hand on several product launches such as the Precision T7600 last year and the Precision T1700 and R7610 launches this year.

Now the rumours are circulating with regard to the mobile Precision replacements planned for 2013. With the release of the new Intel Haswell architecture, it is no surprise that mobile workstations will get version model bumps. One difference with the current rumours on the Dell Precision M3800 is a move to an ultra-high resolution display. This makes logical sense for a professional, mobile workstation. The current generation's HD resolution has been the standard for two product generations already and 1920x1080 resolution displays desperately need upgrades to higher resolutions for professionals.

That said, the facts, according to Dell are these :

" Dell is introducing the thinnest and lightest workstation ever later this year. The Dell Precision M3800 is the first mobile workstation that is less than ¾ of an inch, at 18mm, weighs only 4.5lbs and offers certified performance and dependability for creative professionals. We are not releasing or confirming any additional details today but stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.”.

Expect more news soon. And with a bit of luck, another CADplace review.

Updated July 25, 2013 :

Images have been released and just a few more details. Top among the details is the confirmed resolution for this mobile workstation, 3200x1800 pixels, with a high 1000:1 contrast ratio and multi-touch support.

The Precision M3800 will certainly be thin. In that sleek package will be an NVIDIA Quadro K1100M and an Intel 4th Generation Core i7 processor (although was that really ever a secret?). 

The remainder of the news released to-date by Dell refers to standard (albeit important) workstation characteristics such as ISV certification and support.  At the same time, Dell released information on their coming UltraSharp 32 monitor which will feature a screen resolution of 3840x2160 and support a much larger range of colors and come with color calibration software. 

Notably lacking from the current information, among other specifications, is the shipping date for the Precision M3800. Stay tuned.