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Need-based configuring

Modular engineering from the internationally deployable corridor locomotive up to the regional train accelerates the design process

At Innotrans 2016, Aucotec AG, Hanover, will be introducing for the first time its new configuration concept for the rail vehicle industry. The Advanced Typical Manager (ATM) of the software platform Engineering Base (EB) accelerates the development of various rail projects, from individual to highly complex, through efficient configuring from a modular system. The system is based on function-oriented, quality-tested templates (typicals) and a variant and option management system that is easy to use as its specific approach renders the number of typicals manageable, even in situations of maximum complexity.


Train control systems and power supplies vary from country to country. Locomotives designed for routes through several countries ("corridor locomotives") must be equipped accordingly. The ATM enables such comprehensive projects to be clearly handled and consistently configured. The typicals are centrally managed in the engineering system database. The user enters changes only at one point; they appear immediately in both graphic and list format in all representations of the changed object at each point, even in the most complex documentation.


The ATM also enables the rapid implementation of individual equipment requirements of different regional operators. Manufacturers very often have to start again almost from scratch for each order of a new regional operator. In contrast to this approach, EB and the ATM enable central management of a basic modular system which can be customized to include any number of function modules. Options are stored as separate circuit components, which saves you from requiring the otherwise necessary variants of sheets with all possible combinations of options. Thus customized rail vehicles for every need are designed within a very short time.