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The AMD FirePro line-up now from top-to-bottom: the FirePro W2100, W4100, W5100, and W7100 are all new

Joining the ultra-high-end FirePro W9100 and W8100, AMD announces the rest of the family at Siggraph. Brand new entry level products, like the FirePro W2100, aim to carve out more market share in the professional CAD space. The FirePro W5100 and W7100 have double the memory and brand new GPU's. The entire family delivers professional performance with optimizations for applications, reliability with ISV certifications, and great support for high-resolution 4K displays.


AMD touts the company's advances in professional graphics with a completed AMD FirePro line-up. The FirePro W9100 was released in April, the FirePro W8100 was released in June. At Siggraph, the company is announcing the rest of the family which includes some interesting changes in the entry-level professional graphics segment.

AMD product line up now looks like :

  • AMD FirePro W9100 replaced the W9000
  • AMD FirePro W8100 replaced the W8000
  • AMD FirePro W7100 replacing the W7000
  • AMD FirePro W5100 replacing the W5000
  • AMD FirePro W4100 targeting a mid-range CAD workstation at a more affordable price
  • AMD FirePro W2100 replacing the V3900 and V4900


AMD notes that the professional graphics market is larger than $1 billion today (Jon Peddie).  With the changes to the product line as shown above, the company appears ready to push for a larger piece of the market, too. Simplifying the entry-level options to a single product, adding a cost-sensitive mid-range product, and refreshing the top of the line well beyond the specs of the competition clearly reflect a strategic move to be more competitive and win market share in the professional space.


The all-new FirePro W4100 will deliver mid-range professional CAD graphics performance and hit a "sweet-spot" on pricing.

Key characteristics of this family include at least twice the on-board graphics memory, great support for multiple display 4K resolution displays, high GPU computing performance, and next-generation API support.  These improvements apply across the family of GPUs.  Performance increases apply across the family as well, and AMD FirePro is starting from a high-level of performance already available in the previous generation.



The FirePro W2100, for example, has 2 GB of memory - twice the memory of the boards it replaces.  And it supports 4K resolution displays and OpenCL 1.2 - all in an entry-level professional product.  The FirePro W4100 is a newly positioned product which touches on mid-range performance with a price that falls between the FirePro W5100 and the W2100. Both the FirePro W2100 and the W4100 are low-profile graphics boards. That smaller size means these GPUs will add 3D performance to small form-factor (SFF) workstations.  And with the FirePro W4100, AMD claims performance better than the competition's mid-range CAD solution, the Quadro K2000.


The next-generation FirePro W7100 doubles graphics memory to 8GB, supports OpenCL 2.0, and processes twice as many triangles per clock-cycle than the FirePro W7000.

The new FirePro W5100 and W7100 essentially move up the mid-range and high-end professional graphics performance curves. The FirePro W5100 delivers performance reminiscent of the FirePro W7000 and also has 4GB of memory like the W7000.  The FirePro W7100 has a full 8GB of graphics memory, and processes 4 triangles per clock for great 3D performance. Both the FirePro W5100 and the W7100 can support four 4K resolution displays. This level of multi-monitor support allows customers to build customized, ultra-high resolution display configurations that support their unique work-flow requirements... with a single, high-performance graphics card.



Siggraph will showcase major benefits of AMD FirePro products with demonstrations using Autodesk and Adobe multimedia platforms for 3D creation and 4K video production, V-Ray real-time raytracing, Lumiscaphe real-time photorealistic rendering, DaVinci 4K real-time color correction, and the AMD tools and SDKs for developers.


Pricing for the new generation is not set at this point but will remain in the same price ranges as the previous generation. The new FirePro W4100 does not directly replace an existing product. The pricing for this professional GPU will land between the FirePro W2100 and the FirePro W5100.

The new entry-level and mid-range products are shipping during September and the high-end FirePro W7100 will ship after September.