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Vero Software optimizes WorkNC v23 with a new tool-path calculation engine and a faster graphics kernel

Numerous enhancements are implemented in WorkNC v23 including an optimized tool-path calculation engine, an enhanced graphics kernel, and a revised collision detection module. These enhancements at the core of the product give customers increased performance, more reliability, and reduced costs.

The latest version of Vero Software's famous CAM product, WorkNC, was on display at the Industrie trade show in Paris.



CADplace had the opportunity to discuss the product in detail with M. Humbert. M. Humbert is Vero Software's International Technical Manager, and as such, he is responsible for the training and support of customers and partners around the globe. And he is the perfect source for information on the latest product benefits and features.


Version 23 of WorkNC delivers enhancements to the product's tool-path calculation engine

The first topic M. Humbert addressed was the redesigned, the enhanced tool-path calculation kernel in WorkNC. The optimizations provide several benefits.  The changes are part of an on-going optimization of tool-path calculations to make milling more fluid and more precise. WorkNC Version 23, for example, has more efficient handling of corners. M. Humbert also discussed the tool-path transition feature which provides the operator additional control over the machining process.

M. Jean-Louis HUMBERT talks with CADplace about the enhancements to WorkNC (French)



He also notes that the collision detection module has been revised which adds to the reliability and the efficiency of the milling process for Vero Software customers. In addition, the graphics kernel optimizations increase the performance up to 30% thereby making it easier to work with larger projects. 



These are the most important features to WorkNC for version 23 and each of them supports customer needs to be more efficient, more reliable, and to reduce costs.