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Aucotec grows 50% over three years by making customers successful

Recently, CADplace had the opportunity to talk with executive board member, Markus Bochynek, about the Aucotec business, products, customers, and success. In this video, Mr. Bochynek provides a rapid summary of the company's focus and success.

As a Hannover-based company specialized in engineering and process control software solutions, Aucotec would certainly attend the Hannover Messe 2014. CADplace had the occasion to spend time talking with executive board member Markus Bochynek who manages the company's sales and marketing efforts.

The company focuses on customers with complex processes because it is this area where the Hannover experts deliver value. The company's best-known product, Engineering Base is an extraordinarily flexible solution for design and documentation of complex electrical control systems.

Aucotec Engineering Base provides a solution for complex electrical control systems.

The company has nearly thirty years of history in the machine and plant design industries. As Mr Bochynek notes, the company currently serves four main industrial segments: machine and plant design, automotive systems, process control, and energy systems. 

With a focus in these four domains, the company has grown 50% over the last three years and is one of the most successful providers of engineering solutions.

Aucotec Executive Board member, Markus Bochynek, discusses the company and it's focus on helping customers succeed at the Hannover Messe Industrie 2014