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Daktronics designs and builds gigantic, unique visual display systems using PTC Creo

When large visual display system designs are so large that they cannot be assembled in the factory, and when the form is customized for the site, there is only one chance to build and install it. Daktronics uses PTC Creo to make sure that the first time is the right time.

Have you been in a sports stadium lately? Have you experienced the massive, maybe even over-sized display systems in some stadiums and arenas today? 

Daktronics is the number one provider of large visual display systems. They do not have any competitor which competes in all of the markets that Daktronics serves. On the other hand, each market which the company serves does have formidible competition. Daktronics keeps its competitive edge with unique, never-seen-before capabilities.

In this presentation at PTC Live Global 2014, Brett Wendler, Daktronics VP of design and development, shows you many of the challenging designs the company has created and delivered... and even provides a glimpse into the future.

Daktronics uses PTC Creo to design, model, and simulate extremely large, one-of-a-kind visual display systems for global customers