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Interview with PTC Germany's Michael Sauter : Germany's business successes in 2013

Herr Michael Sauter, Senior Vice-President at PTC, manages Europe's keystone market and has good news to share about the German market. In this CADplace interview, Herr Sauter describes how PTC succeeded in Germany this year while so many talk about business "crisis".

Herr Sauter drives PTC's business in Central Europe. The business has succeeded in a region where many are talking about crisis. The formula for PTC has been simple, acquire new customers and succeed in developing PTC's broadening product portfolio.

The broadening of PTC's products to include the Integrity solutions for ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and the SLM (Service Lifecycle Management) has enabled PTC to grow the business in the German-speaking countries and elsewhere around the globe.

Additionally, the PTC Live event in Germany hosted 1;500 visitors - certainly a record number - for the enterprise software company's 2 day conference. Herr Sauter points to the impressive turn-out as an indicator of the interest level for PTC solutions.

Herr Sauter continues to describe the benefits brought to PTC customers through the acquisition of NetIdeas, allowing PTC to securely host a wide range of customer applications - an individual, private, secure hosting service.  Finally he discusses the topics so often heard at PTC about the forces which are dramatically changing the manufacturing industry as well as how PTC is helping customers adapt and transform their business for success.

CADplace interview : PTC Senior Vice-President, Michael Sauter explains the PTC success in the DACH region.