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Lenovo's ThinkStation P300 on display at PTC Live Global 2014

The workstation specialists at Lenovo showcased a host of technology at PTC Live Global in Boston this year. The latest addition to the line up, the ThinkStation P300, figured prominently in configurations designed for PTC customers. Mobile solutions, unique displays, and remote workstation products were on display as well.

CADplace stopped at the Lenovo booth to catch up on the latest ThinkStation products on display at PTC Live Global 2014. Tom Salomone greeted me and gave me the full tour of solutions for design professionals.

Certainly the compact ThinkStation P300 is an impressive Intel Xeon workstation. The SFF (small form-factor) version supports an impressive set of configurations with up to 32 GB of ECC memory, three hard-drives, and Intel HD graphics or an NVIDIA Quadro K600. If you are running PTC Windchill or PTC Creo with moderate sized designs, you will have a top-performing system in your hands.

The new Intel Xeon ThinkStation P300 increases the performance of Lenovo's smallest desktop workstation option

The ThinkStation P300 also comes in a mini-tower configurations which adds capacity for four full-sized hard-drives and for high-end graphics. Adding an NVIDIA Quadro K4000 will deliver 3D performance for some of the most demanding modeling. And both configurations support Intel Xeon E3-1200 V3 processors and ECC memory*.

Take the Lenovo booth tour at PTC Live Global 2014

Lenovo displayed not only workstations with power and flexibility, but also interesting and useful solutions. One that many designers could appreciate is the wireless, touch-sensitive display. As Tom Salomone describes in the video, it is not a designer's tablet such as provided from Wacom, yet it could be a simple and useful display for designers and engineers who like to draw and sketch by hand.

Lenovo's wireless, touch-sensitive display allows designers to draw and sketch by hand on their workstations

Another workstation solution – a very useful option for many – is the Splashtop solution to enable over-the-network remote workstation access. This could be over the company network or externally with VPN. In any case, you have access to your workstation and to the applications running on it whether in the conference room for a meeting or at breakfast with your morning coffee.

A Lenovo & Splashtop partnership delivers remote access to your ThinkStation for Creo 3.0

And speaking of flexibility, taking your workstation with you is a great way to be productive all the time. For this, the new ThinkPad W540 provides the power of a desktop workstation for the road. The 15” mobile workstation offers fast CPUs, NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, up to 32 GB of memory and many hard-drive storage options. The company also offers a light-weight, mobile display to let you take a dual-screen configuration on the road with you. And with the new, ultra-high resolution display of 2880x1620, there is no reason not to be 100% mobile.

As you can see, there were more than just flexible, powerful workstation configurations on display at PTC Live. Not only can you get the power and reliability that comes from Intel Xeon and NVIDIA Quadro workstations. Lenovo filled the booth with some interesting and unique solutions that add more productivity to that power and performance.