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Millions and millions of applications - why Thingworx got into the Internet of Things business

Russ Fadel is the President and General Manager of ThingWorx. At PTC Live Global in Boston, Russ took the stage to tell the story of ThingWorx and to share the vision he and the company first saw.

The demand for applications in the Internet of Things drove the founders of ThingWorx

ThingWorx was founded in 2009. The company released its first product 2 years later. Late in 2013, the company was acquired by PTC. In this keynote address, Russ Fadel tells the story of ThingWorx's start and the opportunity the company saw in the Internet of Things.


PTC was following a parallel course, developing along the same direction as ThingWorx. With a strategic direction to take PTC into the IOT world, the fit of the two companies is very compatible.



Listen to ThingWorx founder, Russ Fadel, tell the company story