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On the road, in the data center, or under your desk, AMD FirePro graphics deliver performance for PTC Creo 3.0

PTC Live Global 2014 in Boston : Take the booth tour with CADplace as we talk with AMD's Jon Clark and PTC's Sandy Smith about AMD FirePro solutions as well as the AMD & PTC partnership – a hardware-software combination that delivers performance and reliability for PTC Creo customers.

AMD FirePro solutions for PTC Creo fit nearly every user you can imagine. Whether you are on the road most of the time, in the office, or working remotely, there is an AMD platform that works for you. Whether you have moderate sized assemblies or extremely large assemblies, there is a FirePro graphics solution the right size for your business.

AMD and PTC cooperate on a technical and marketing level with a relationship that goes back years and delivers tangible performance and reliability benefits to customers. During our booth tour with Jon Clark, CADplace spent a few moments with PTC's Director of Strategic Partnerships, Sandy Smith, to listen to her thoughts about the PTC and AMD cooperation.

Ms. Smith manages the AMD & PTC relationship for PTC. She focuses on aligning the two companies' objectives. The alignment falls into two broad categories: technical cooperation and go-to-market partnering. The former includes a deep cooperation in R&D in which AMD works directly with the PTC team. This level of cooperation supports both companies. AMD is able to assure that the FirePro graphics have the best possible performance, and PTC is able to enhance different graphics functions within PTC Creo.

PTC and AMD work with their common workstation partners to certify graphics workstations. This ensures that customers can chose fast, reliable workstations which match the demands of their projects.

Take the booth tour. See the AMD FirePro M6100, FirePro R5000, FirePro W7000, and FirePro W9100 running Creo 3.0 in Dell Precision workstations

The cooperation on the business aspects allow the companies to communicate coherently to the marketplace and to describe accurately the benefits of the entire engineering solution – both the software systems and the hardware infrastructures – and how the two work together to provide a more productive development platform.

One of the obvious means of educating the companies' common customers is the cooperation at PTC Live Global where AMD showed a full range of professional graphics solutions. Senior Applications Engineer, Jon Clark, gave CADplace a tour of the AMD booth. He described and demonstrated the Dell Precision solutions based on AMD FirePro graphics technology. These included mobile, desktop and remote workstation solutions.

Starting with the Dell Precision M6800, this 17” mobile workstation uses the AMD FirePro M6100 GPU for high-performance 3D graphics. It's a natural fit between Dell's highest performance mobile platform and AMD's fastest professional, mobile GPU.

The AMD FirePro W7000 high-end GPU with 4GB of on-board memory finds a comfortable home with PTC customers inside a workstation like the Dell Precision T5610. This is a relatively compact, dual-processor professional workstation which can be configured to meet or exceed the demands of most PTC Creo customers. The high-performance AMD FirePro W7000 can handle extremely large assemblies in PTC Creo, and like the other FirePro products on display, the FirePro W7000 provides all of the AMD performance optimizations for PTC Creo.

The ultimate Dell Precision workstation was configured with the ultimate AMD FirePro GPU. We're talking about the ultra-high-end combination of the Dell Precision T7610 and the AMD FirePro W9100. Both products provided the maximum performance from their respective product families. CADplace saw the AMD FirePro W9100 for the first time this April in Hannover Germany at the Hannover Messe. The FirePro W9100 is the fastest professional GPU available. It comes with 16GB of graphics memory for the best performance with large assemblies, delivers 2.6 TFLOPS of floating point performance for OpenCL and GPU-computing, and can drive the highest resolution 4K displays.

Jon Clark also provided a nice introduction to the AMD FirePro R5000 and the Dell Precision R7610 remote workstation platform. CADplace is a firm believer in the benefits and performance of remote workstations. You can find the CADplace coverage of the launch of the Dell Precision R7610 systems in London. The AMD R5000 provides excellent remote performance utilizing Teradici compression technology on the card so that the remote workstation customer has the same user experience as when the workstation is sitting under the desk. On the other hand, the workstation is available around the clock for the entire project team whether they are on the road at the customer site, working from a remote office, or in the office.

The solutions on display covered mobile, desktop and remote platforms with a range of AMD FirePro graphics options. PTC Creo customers at PTC Live Global 2014 certainly could find a solution that matched the kind of engineering work which their projects demand.