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PTC's world of smart, connected things : CEO Jim Heppelmann delivers the opening keynote at PTC Live Global 2014 in Boston

Jim Heppelmann draws on Boston's tradition of "Firsts" to prepare the visitors for their PTC Live Global visit. As this year's event was the first since the company acquired ThingWorx, the visitors had plenty of news about smart, connected 'things' in the Internet of Things. In the keynote presentation video here, Mr. Heppelmann describes how the trillions of dollars of economic value-added activity generated from the Internet of Things will impact the manufacturing of products and - more importantly - our daily lives.

The Boston "Firsts" include the first American university, the first public library, the first public park, the first phone call placed, and the first email sent.  PTC itself claims a few firsts and today, PTC sees the company as the first in the industry to embrace the roll of software, services, and connectivity for the companies design engineering software.

2010 saw the milestone of more 'things' connected to the internet than people on earth.  These 'things' were not only tablets, smartphones, and computers. By 2020, we will see 50 billion connected things and around 8 billion people. This trend of smart, connected things on the internet will drive a huge wave of innovation.

Mr. Heppelmann describes this trend and how PTC is developing its products to serve customers in this changing world.

PTC CEO, Jim Heppelmann, discusses the wave of change coming to the manufacturing world

The event in Boston had over 2000 attendees, over 150 partners, over 500 PTC employees - PTC Live Global 2014 brought together the entire manufacturing community of PTC.