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PTC Charges into the Cloud with SaaS PLM

In early 2006, PTC tested the SaaS waters with Windchill ProjectLink and Windchill PDMLink as on-demand solutions, hosted on IBM hardware. The conclusion was that market demand was lukewarm at best. So the company left the on-demand segment primarily in the care of partners like NetIDEAS. Last year, however, PTC must have looked around and saw the SaaS market sizzling. It went out and bought NetIDEAS, laying the groundwork for this week’s announcement.

This week, with the launch of PLM Cloud, PTC jumps into SaaS with both feet.

“In the past, we’ve been a bit skittish with our answers about our Cloud strategy,” acknowledged Tom Shoemaker, PTC’s VP of product marketing. “Now, we can say, yes, we’re here, we’re all in!”

PTC’s press release states, “Recognizing that many SMBs (small and midsized businesses) may lack a dedicated IT staff but still want to adopt a proven PLM environment, PTC designed PTC PLM Cloud specifically to enable team collaboration and data management in the cloud. This flexible offering eliminates the typical, but risky, SMB practice of shared folders and file naming conventions which hamper product development.”

Newer PLM and PDM vendors like Arena Solutions and GrabCAD, which launched into the market with on-demand offerings, have no previous customer base dedicated to on-premise offerings, set up on a different pricing structure. Established PLM vendors like PTC, however, must deal with the inevitable conflict when introducing a SaaS option.

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