2. KeyShot update streamlines material creation

KeyShot update streamlines material creation

The popular tool for commercial visualization features new tools for editing interiors and creating complex materials.

The new edition of KeyShot, a popular tool for product development and other commercial 3D visualization applications, features new tools for editing interior lighting, an improved workflow for material creation, and other new features.

Beta user and designer Martin Spencer-Ford says, “KeyShot 6 is coming of age with this release. The all new Material Graph allows you to create complex materials. You can also apply materials or textures to labels for a new level of realism. It does it all quickly, easily and above all efficiently. This, combined with the new Geometry Editor and the Interior Lighting preset, put it above the competition.”

Luxion says KeyShot 6 includes more flexible import options, new interior lighting mode and additional lighting presets, real-time region rendering and multi-layer PSD output. Material capabilities are expanded with the new Material Graph, materials on labels and material animation options. Animation features now include path, Depth of Field and panorama animations. KeyShotVR (for creating interactive 3D product animations for use online) is now optimized for interior KeyShotVRs and responsive website layouts.

New feature highlights include:

Interior Lighting Mode: Scenes containing hundreds of lights and illumination through small windows can be rendered interactively without compromising the quality or the accuracy. Luxion says it happens automatically without users having to adjust complex parameters such as number of photons needed to render a given scene.