2. SIGGRAPH 2015 is coming soon to Los Angeles, and we'd like …

SIGGRAPH 2015 is coming soon to Los Angeles, and we'd like you to join us for lunch

Please join us for our 15th annual JPR Siggraph Luncheon on August 12th at the LA Live Marriott, a short walk from the Convention Center.

This event which brings together, press, analysts, industry stars and innovators is an important stop for the Siggraph experience.

The discussion this year will be around the amazing advances in virtual filmmaking. 

It was just about 20 years when movies changed forever? We were introduced to re-incarnated dinosaurs in Jurassic Park (1993), with combined digital creatures and live action. Then there was Jim Carrey transforming into a real-life cartoon character in the Mask, in 1994, and Toy Story, in 1995 the first totally CG movie made with 3D tools. Since that time the use of matte painting, miniatures, sculpted creatures, etc. has all but disappeared, replaced by digital models and art.

Now in 2015 we are awash in new content creation technology that is being built to better use the real world with digital content. The worlds of design, manufacturing, and entertainment are coming together and sharing techniques and best practices. Reality is the new frontier. 

Among the topics we'll be discussing are: new tools for world building, and lighting: real time set digital set editing, AR and VR visualization, and real time rendering. These technologies are changing the way CG in general, and movies in particular are being made.

So come have lunch with us and join the conversation.


JPR's luncheon is a popular event with spirited discussion, new product news, and great giveways. You can REGISTER HERE or RSVP atrobert@jonpedd.com JPR Luncheon or contact Robert Dow with any questions at:  415 435 9368