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Virtence GmbH takes virtual prototyping beyond visualization

Today, virtual prototyping is fundamental to the design and engineering process. Virtual prototyping entails looking at a design, virtually built, in every aspect. That implies much more than realistic rendering. For Virtence GmbH customers like Volkswagen and Audi, virtual prototyping means simulating, visualizing and interacting with the design.

High-performance, realistic rendering applications are critical to most design and engineering teams as they iterate through the virtual prototyping process. When it comes to virtual prototypes if “seeing is believing”, then seeing, manipulating, and interacting with your designs is convincing. This is the added benefit that Virtence GmbH delivers to customers.

The German company was created in 2009. The founding members were already active in this visual simulations at the time that Virtence was formed. The visualization and simulation experts sell virtual prototyping tools and they provide high-end services for visual simulation.

Virtual prototyping requires simulation, interaction, and high-quality visualization

The target custom who would benefit from Virtence software and services is any customer where the man-machine interface plays a critical role in the virtual prototyping process. Virtence has been active from the start in both simulating and visualizing the behavior of products. Their software, Dione, is designed to support both the visual and simulation aspects of virtual prototyping so that customers can build their virtual prototypes, visualize their virtual prototypes, and bring them to life with simulations of the product itself.

The Virtence team supports customer projects with their expertise and a complete set of tools. In addition to their own Dione product - a high-end tool where the company controls every line of code  - Virtence  can apply their expertise using tools like Unity 3D software. The experts at Virtence add their expertise to Unity 3D by extending the platform which allows them to react rapidly to customer demands and deliver projects efficiently. This combination of experience and range of capabilities, from complete and total customization to rapid project response, means that Virtence can deliver projects quickly when needed yet adapt to unique demands when required.

Virtence has the ability to fully customize virtual prototyping solutions or rapidly execute projects using the visual simulation platform Unity 3D.

Because customer projects run on tight schedules but also have high-level visualization and simulation requirements, the Virtence team has developed extensive experience delivering projects quickly.  The Unity 3D engine allows the Virtence team to apply their expertise through extensive customization of the platform to meet customer requirements.

In addition to customizing the Unity 3D platform, Virtence has implemented their own development based on Unity 3D. Through customization and programmed extensions, the experience of the Virtence team can rapidly be applied to most customer projects. Combining their knowledge of visual simulation with the multi-platform power of the Unity 3D platform, the team is able to deliver projects on multiple operating systems, many hardware platforms, and on mobile devices. The high level of expertise and broad, multi-platform support are Virtence advantages which customers need and demand. 

Of course for projects which demand a very high-level of customization, Virtence GmbH can address the complex project requirements with their own Dione visualization and simulation software platform.  With the ability to touch every line of code in the software, the company can address the most demanding,  complex customized  application scenarios.

In fact, this combination of rapid customization and deployment along with the fully customisable Dione software is a unique characteristic of the company. Being able to rapidly address customer needs  is one reason  customers come to Virtence for virtual prototyping systems. Being able to develop fully customized visual simulations is another. Together, this allows Virtence to offer the full spectrum of virtual prototyping services.

In addition to providing visual simulation services, the company's sells its specialized software offerings which include Dione for authoring the simulations and visualizations, Calypso for interacting with your designs in a professional environment, Enceladus which allows a broad audience to have access to your design visualizations, and Janus which enables porting your design visualization project to mobile devices.

As an authoring tool, Dione provides customers the tools needed to create interactive 3D visual simulations. The product provides high-performance, interactive simulations of complex product designs. Dione supports building modular simulations which allows multiple developers to work in parallel on projects. It  allows customers to easily explore design alternatives with multiple, modular design simulations. With a modular approach, customers can focus on visualizing and simulating the most critical aspects of the design. Not only do companies save money through this kind of visual simulation, companies make better, more informed, design decisions.

Dione includes tools which support a number of important input types. Different tracking devices can be implemented in the simulation for head, hand, and even finger tracking. Scripting tools permit customers to define complex product behaviors. This combination of inputs and behavior tools is critical to producing highly valuable virtual prototyping visual simulations.

Virtual prototyping uses technology from virtual reality, high-end visualization, and interactive simulations. Virtence addresses all of these areas.

Calypso is the product that brings it all together for the design review. Calypso is your visual simulation tool for the design review of virtual prototypes. Calypso provides support for 3D stereoscopic display and for rendering on workstation clusters. It supports the interfaces to different hardware including head-mounted devices or finger-tracking hardware. Calypso allows customers to move freely around and interact with their virtual designs regardless how complex.

Interacting with virtual prototypes can be done from inside an immersive CAVE with a head-tracking device or on a mobile device like a tablet.

Many companies need to share their designs with external customers and partners. Virtence offers a free display tool, Enceladus, which allows for an extended audience to experience the virtual prototype. Because Enceladus provides the same viewing capabilities available in the Dione authoring tool, customers can enjoy the full experience of the virtual prototype. The Enceladus viewing environment restricts all changes to the simulation thereby ensuring the integrity of the virtual prototyping experience for the customer. This allows you to fully prepare the virtual prototype experience, and also allows the customer a fully interactive exploration of the design.

The product Janus allows you to convert your virtual prototype experience to a mobile format on the Android platform. This capability opens up new possibilities for you to service your clients.

These products make it possible for many companies to drive virtual prototyping to a new level of visual, interactive, simulation. Some customers need to develop this expertise and others, who may not have the internal resources, chose to leverage that expertise directly from Virtence. The German visual simulation experts are able to accompany customers throughout the design process to ensure that the virtual prototypes, the simulations, and the visualizations attain the highest level of quality. Years of experience in the field with demanding customers allows Virtence customers to profit from the German company's expertise.

CADplace talks with Virtence management at the Hannover Messe Industrie 2014.

When the company works on customer virtual prototyping projects, Virtence can also deliver high-quality, photo-realistic renderings. This accompaniment is an extremely useful part of the virtual prototyping project and has many down-stream project uses.

Virtence GmbH is able to transform your design into 3D simulations. Also, Virtence has developed an expertise in simulating 2D menus and displays into 3D virtual prototype projects. This level of simulation applies to modern prototypes where the product functions are significantly software-based features, for example, when simulating prototypes for electronics and appliances.  This presents a unique problem which traditional virtual prototyping systems may not accommodate.

In today's design and engineering world, virtual prototyping is changing. It is not sufficient to visualize the design or to even accommodate basic mechanical interactions. Today's prototyping demands that designers can interact with the prototype in meaningful ways. This in turn requires detailed simulation of product features and functions which go well beyond realistic visualization. It is exactly in this demanding area of virtual prototyping where Virtence has developed their products and services.

Virtence counts some of the world's leading design and manufacturing companies among its customers. Customers like Audi AG and Volkswagen rely on Virtence for both visualizing and simulating their product designs.