Viz/Sim, visual simulation, or simply virtual reality is a group of technologies to bring virtual, 3D models to life. This technology has enabled virtual prototyping & virtual design reviews. It supports research in man-machine interfaces, training for personnel, and remote guidance & piloting of systems in hazardous industrial environments.

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Dimension 3 : the Parisian Event for 3D Stereo Technology

3D Stereoscopic technologies have a special application in design disciplines. The film, broadcast & advertising industries have special issues for 3D stereo. Yet the dev…

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3D Stereoscopy, how does it work and what is it actually

3D stereo imaging is over a century old, but in the last 2 decades, this technology has transformed the design and development process across many industries.

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Product design with virtual protyping

Before the advent of computer-aided visualization technology, many physical models of a product would be built in order to decide how the product should look. Such classi…