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LiveWorx 2015 opens in Boston with the PTC Eco-system for the Internet of Things

It's Boston. It's Copley Place. And the PTC Eco-system of partners can be found in the LiveWorx 2015 exhibition space. If you are looking for software, hardware, or consulting solutions to help you implement your IoT strategy, you probably could find it here.

Do you need a solution to enable IoT for legacy hardware in the field, or a big data repository, or expert advice to re-tool your manufacturing lines? Solutions to these problems and many others were on display as PTC Live as the conference opened with PTC welcoming people to the LiveWorx 2015 event.

Mingling among the visitors to LiveWorx 2015 were the experts from PTC and many of the companies in their IoT eco-system.  Dozens of companies have their products and services on display at LiveWorx in Boston. The event opened Monday evening with the exhibition area opening and a welcoming reception. Tuesday will continue with the company keynote addresses and a full agenda of panel and conferences. 

We found time in the exhibition area to meet with companies like Splunk and Nexcom. Splunk provides a data repository solution that allows customers to better understand the data they are collecting. Call it operational intelligence. Nexcom is a company providing hardware solutions which will connect legacy equipment to your IoT solution. And the Dell Services Group provide IT consulting, software and of course also hardware solutions to support companies with IoT projects. 

Of course there were experts from PTC as well. Visitors could find CEO Jim Heppelmann talking with conference goers as well as PTC team members from the ThingWorx team, the consulting services, and other specialized product teams. 

The LiveWorx 2015 Conference brings together companies providing solutions for IoT projects, experts sharing their experiences, and companies looking for ways to make their products more competitive.